Rover 414si over reving after cylinder - Dave G
I have recently changed my sister in laws cylinder head (for a used one) as her cam belt snapped not a good thing on a rover engine especailly a k16 DOHC.I followed the instructions from my haines manual to the letter.
When I started the car up the engine is now idling at 1500 rpm I have changed the temp sensor and the manifold heater (as it was old and blew the engine fuse).
Can any one give me a clue where to go next.

Help with a Rover 424si k16 engine that has had a used cylinder head fitted as the old one the cam
Rover 414si over reving after cylinder - DL
Ignition on, pump the throttle five times, wait 20 secs and start the engine.

It might settle down, otherwise it is a trip to a suitably equipped workshop (Rover dealer?!) for a stepper motor adjust.

Check the simple things like too tight a throttle cable and manifold air leaks firstly......

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