BP Ultimate fuel - Mudguts
As from yesterday, BP Ultimate is available in the UK.

Starting in Hammersmith and eventually available just about everywhere.

Should be better than Optimax in my opinion.

If you look at your local BP service stations you will see a white sheet with a question mark on it and underneath is a sign for BP Ultimate.

More info as soon as I get it...
BP Ultimate fuel - El Hacko
BP is nearer to me than Shell so I shall try Ultimate, but I'm interested to know your grounds for suggesting it will be better than Optimax...

El Hacko
BP Ultimate fuel - martint123
Someone on the mx5 mailing list asked the question.
I have no comment other than I'm not paying an extra 5p or whatever.

Thank you for your email received this morning dated 06/10/03. It gives me great pleasure to announce that BP Ultimate will be available from today 07/10/03 and will be available in both performance unleaded and diesel. BP Ultimate offers both more performance and less pollution along with cleaning the in inside of your vehicle.

On average it increases acceleration by 3.0% and up to 5.2%.

Thank you again for your email, if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to call the BP Careline on 0800 402402.

Freddie Boniface
Customer Care Advisor
BP Oil UK Ltd
0800 402402
BP Ultimate fuel - John S
Blimey! Not only does the car run better, but the petrol cleans the inside too. Whatever next? Wash and wax as you drive?

BP Ultimate fuel - Tony N
BP Ultimate offers both more performance
and less pollution along with cleaning the in inside of your

Cool, that'll save ours of vacuuming!
BP Ultimate fuel - Mudguts
A 'friend of a friend' assures me it is better.

First of all it has an octane rating of 100 compared to Optimax which has an octane rating of 98.

From what I know it was tested extensively against Optimax a while ago but wasn't quite ready, until now.

...Also I hear the quality of Optimax isn't as consistent as it should be which is why people get differing results with it.
BP Ultimate fuel - nick
Sounds great. 100 octane is just what I need for my Rover 3500S. Now where's that timing light.....
BP Ultimate fuel - Sooty Tailpipes
Excluding taxes, that's 25%-30% more expensive! Sounds like a 'value added' thing to me. I might try it in the mower and hedge clippers.
BP Ultimate fuel - Vansboy
Sorry, can't switch back from Optimax, yet............I still need another 9 million, 5 thousand 345 litres to claim my £10 Shell bonus points voucher!!

Bring back the tiger tails n free glasses, so much quicker to save for!!

BP Ultimate fuel - Dipstick
"Bring back the tiger tails n free glasses, so much quicker to save for!!"

No no, bring back those little silver "medals" with footballers on them. I never did get Gordon Banks.

BP Ultimate fuel - El Hacko
interesting - thanks Mudguts. |At next fill, I shall try BP's "ton octane" cos the Lexus 200 in auto form is rather sluggish. Optimax does boost the performance (and, amazingly, mpg), but more power would be welcome.

El Hacko
BP Ultimate fuel - eMBe {P}
I just tried to look this up on BP's web site. No luck. BP's web site is one of the most user-unfriendly I have ever found. If their fuel is anything like their web-site, then you are better off not going anywhere near it.
BP Ultimate fuel - Mudguts
I just tried to look this up on BP's web site.
No luck. BP's web site is one of the most user-unfriendly
I have ever found. If their fuel is anything like their
web-site, then you are better off not going anywhere near it.

...I know EXACTLY what you mean,

As far as Shell points are concerned I've had a few of those ten pound vouchers already but soon by switching to BP/ Nectar will be going to Alton Towers instead!

BP Ultimate fuel - No Do$h
Interesting to see they suggest a performance improvement for Diesels as well. May just be giving it a go; I'm bound to notice that 3% improvement in my 0-60 time.
BP Ultimate fuel - Marcos{P}
I would like to know how the diesel fuel is improved?
BP Ultimate fuel - Rudolf

BP Ultimate fuel - Mudguts
I always used to run the old sheds that I drove on the cheapest fuel I could get. Never anything else.

Once I got a slightly more sophisticated car I tried Optimax and was astounded at the difference that it made: Sure I felt the extra responsiveness, etc., but the main difference was that the engine felt smoother and I drew the conclusion that if the engine was running smoother then it should be under less stress and more effiecient and that be better for the longer term.

If BP Ultimate is better and I expect I will be I'll be happy.
BP Ultimate fuel - eMBe {P}
Rudolf: you must be a genius. I spent a lot of time searching the bp.com web site, trying their search function with different combinations of words - yet found no links to BP Ultimate.
I thought BP had given up the Amoco name some months ago, and who would think that you would find the answer in the amoco.com pages? !
BP Ultimate fuel - Rudolf
No genius, just happened to strike it lucky with a web search for BP Ultimate; I agree it's a bit odd that BP does not come up, it could frustrate anybody.

I note - for the attention of motorists - that 97 octane is quoted; I thought super unleaded was already that, and Optimax a bit more. Odd again.
BP Ultimate fuel - JoeO
This is all very odd. I first heard of this Ultimate stuff when BP started selling it in Greece. On the BP site, they "loudly" boast that it is 100 octane in that country.

But in the UK, it's only 97. That's a bit boring, IMHO. Can anyone explain the discrepancy? Needless to say the BP site (where, by the way, the info on Ultimate is VERY EASY TO FIND!) doesn't say why Brit drivers cannot be trusted with the extra 3 thingys.

HJ - are you convinced by any of the claims made for these premium priced petrols? I'd like to see the proof BP have to support their claims of enhanced performance. Best regards.

BP Ultimate fuel - JoeO
Have just checked BP's U.S. website - www.bp.com/ultimate/us/home.asp - BP Amoco Ultimate is a whopping 93 octane there! Lucky them...

BP Ultimate fuel - Nortones2
JoeO: I believe USA uses a different octane rating method to Europe. Their test gives a lower number (MON standing for Motor number I think) in comparison to our RON number, for roughly the same characteristics. Therfore 93 MON probably is the same as 97 RON. Unless the quote is for the pump marking, which is an average of RON and MON.... I'm no expert: maybe Sean or other tech qualified can correct if my memory is incorrect:)
BP Ultimate fuel - eMBe {P}
>>the BP site (where, by the way, the info on Ultimate is VERY EASY TO FIND!) >>

It is now, because they have put in a new link for Ultimate! Wasn't there yesterday.
BP Ultimate fuel - JoeO
That's odd because the page on BP Ultimate in Greece has been there for months...They must have a useless search engine.

BP Ultimate fuel - JoeO
HJ - That doesn't sound too shabby! I must say I'm a terrible sceptic when it comes to this kind of thing. Funnily enough, I find it hard to trust those nice, friendly oil companies! I often feel that drivers are determined that their performance/consumption will be better - otherwise they are fools to pay the extra price per litre!

It's the same with most "enhancements" from fuel via oil to everything like air intakes, brakes and tyres. It's better dammit! Otherwise, why am I spending all this money?

BP Ultimate fuel - escort man
someone tell me whats going to happen if i 'splash out' and fill my aging 8valve carb fed escort with Optimax or BP Ultimate.
Is it going to blow up the engine or mess up the timing; or will i get perfect running and incresed throttle response as boasted by shell on the website. They've got a decent graphic showing a car on 'normal' unleaded overtaking a lorry, being overaken by a car on Optimax - anyone else seen this? Reminds me of being on the motorway!!

Anyway, replies appreciated. Anything to get more acceleration out of the damn thing.

BP Ultimate fuel - nick
I doubt anything will happen except your wallet will empty faster. To benefit you need an injected high compression engine with a knock sensor as part of the engine management system. Or an old car originally designed to run on higher octane fuel that is also capable of running on unleaded.
BP Ultimate fuel - steveb
Using my records over the last 8644 miles using either Shell Optimax or Shell normal unleaded in a 2.2 vectra -

5248 miles using Optimax = 33.28mpg
3396 miles using Unleaded = 33.99 mpg

Therefore normal unleaded offers better mpg (in my car) and on the face of it isn't value for money.

However - normal unleaded makes the engine run like a bag of nails - rough, more noisy and un-responsive. Optimax smoothes out the engine note and vibration and gives better response and acceleration. Maybe this is the cause of the worse mpg as it feels easier to use more revs because of the characteristics of the fuel.

BP Ultimate fuel - Sooty Tailpipes
I went to buy a bit of the diesel to try. Despite the two garages being listed on the bp site as stocking it, there was no clut to this at the forecourt other than the 79.9p price? So I returned home, in any case, it may be the first delivery that's mixed with the regular stuff in the tanks.

Funnily enough, they claim that diesel engines will be much quieter and less dieselly, and I run my car on ASDA vegetable oil and white spirit with a bit of diesel cleaner 90% of the time and that is MUCH quieter and smoother than dino diesel.. It's like a sewing machine on vegoil (BMW X25TD engine)


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