Half-wit agressive drivers - Aprilia
I was driving into my local town in the C-class at just before 9am this morning. Sitting at the 30mph speed limit, but with a dark green Jeep 'Grand Cherokee' (with 'private plate') hanging on my rear bumper.
Turned into side road and Jeep followed me, about 30cm behind. All I could see in the rear mirror was the chrome grille. Slowed very slightly for a big 'speed bump' and felt a 'thud' from behind!!
Pulled over, together with Jeep. Jeep front bumper had a hole knocked in it by my towbar ball. My back bumper had some minor damage.
Jeep driver (small bleached blond in a black trouser-suit with a 'beauty-salon' tan - honestly) was very aggressive and said it wasn't her fault. After a while she calmed down and admitted she *had* been following too closely and finally agreed to pay for a new bumper cover once I get a quote. We'll see if she does eventually pay up.....

Totally unecessary incident caused by agressive tailgating - makes you want to weep.
Half-wit agressive drivers - Blue {P}
Sorry to hear about that, sounds like I would have struggled to restrain myself if faced with the same situation.

When been tailgated like that I often give the car behind a wash with my washer jets. ;-)

If she doesnt pay up then just leave it with her insurance company, they cannot avoid paying this one.

Good luck getting it sorted.

Half-wit agressive drivers - Nortones2
Frightening isn't it! Did you shop her to the Police? Might save someones neck if she gets her licence and her alcohol/coke levels checked over.
Half-wit agressive drivers - volvoman
Totally agree Aprilia, stupid and unnecessary. She was probably in a world of her own ! Hope you get it sorted but at least there was no serious damage to you or the car.

A couple of weeks ago I was on th M25 travelling from jcn 2-3. Traffic was quite heavy but moving failry freely. I guy in an M3 suddenly whizzed past and proceeded to tailgate everything in front of him. Most just pulled into lane 2 and let him g but as the traffic became heavier that option was closed. Next thing I know and an unmarked beamer with blacked out glass all round whizzes up behind our friend and sits on his exhaust - just a couple of feet away. They then embark on some of the most dangerous and aggressive driving I've ever seen - undertaking, tailgating and weaving in/out of traffic in all 3 lanes! These blokes were absolute maniacs - the sort who are bound to kill someone sooner or later and probably won't lose a wink of sleep after they do !
Half-wit agressive drivers - frostbite
Are you sure it wasn't a silly modern chat-up tactic?
Half-wit agressive drivers - paulb {P}
Totally agree, VM. They'll most likely blame the other driver for getting in the way. What's really sad is that it always seems to be the other (innocent) party who buys it, never the nutcase.

My wife (walking to work the other morning) observed a Porsche driver demonstrate an interesting method of dealing with a chicane caused by two cars parked opposite one another - just drive at the gap at 40 mph and never mind the fact that there are six oncoming cars already in it/approaching it. She said that she'd never heard six people all simultaneously hoot at one car before and that it was an absolute miracle that no-one had an accident.
Half-wit agressive drivers - J Bonington Jagworth
Good argument for having a tow-bar...
Half-wit agressive drivers - Rob the Bus {P}

You wouldn't happen to be the chap whose letter was published in HJ's column last Saturday would you? I've never seen HJ get quite so aerated in print before! ;-)


Half-wit agressive drivers - mike777
Try driving where I work - in the south of France. There 90% of the drivers are aggressive half-wits. Bleached blondes are a speciality, usually with a fag (as in burning!) in one hand and a cellphone in the other, makes you wonder what they steer with. White Renault Clio 16v variants, overpowered tin boxes, worst culprit.

Common practices : overtaking on blind bends, no lights at night, tailgating, reversing and three point turns on roundabouts to get back to missed exit, reversing on motorway to missed exit, stopping on hard shoulders to have a pee, or worse ....

Watching one of the 'Police Stop' type programmes one evening with a mate, he suddenly burst out laughing and said that if a French person saw the programme he wouldn't know what was wrong, because to them, it is all 'normal' driving.
Half-wit agressive drivers - Aprilia
Follow up to this...

The drivers husband turned up at my house last night with £450 in cash to pay for a new bumper cover and paint for my damaged MB.

Turns out he is a local roofing contractor and not 'the sharpest knife in the drawer'. His explanation for his wife driving into the back of me was that, "in the Jeep you don't have to slow down for speed bumps" (rather neglecting the fact that my car was between the front of the Jeep and the speed bump)!

Anyway, what he lacked in intellect was more than compensated for by his physical girth and so I didn't pursue the exchange; just took the money. We left it at that, and he waddled off in reasonably good humour.

Unfortunately the whole incident did nothing to dispel stereotypes about large 4x4's and their owners/drivers....
Half-wit agressive drivers - SjB {P}
"in the Jeep you don't have to slow down for speed bumps"

I have never understood this common type of 4x4 quote.

In my experience, sure they have huge ground clearance and often a wide track, so can straddle 'mound' speed bumps as a truck would, but they are amongst the worst vehicles I've ever travelled in to drive over tradition sleeping policemen.

Whether it is the sheer mass of rotating wheels or not, they all seem to have a horrible vertical 'pitch and jolt', whereas a conventional car will simply thump over the bump in a less dramatic way.

The worst offender at this that I have travelled in is a friend's Jeep Cherokee 2.5D, which tramps and thumps all over the place, and has done from new. A colleague's Ford Explorer was nearly as bad (along with having such a cramped cabin in relation to the size of car, it should be treated as an offence!)

I tend to like Volvos, but even the shiny XC90 that taxi'd me from Gothenburg city centre to the airport last week, was far less comfortable to travel in than my brothers V70 with the same D5 engine (and my V70 with 2.4T). It suffered from the same jolting over bumps just described, and curved motorway slip roads were more of a fifty pence piece afair (a series of joined up straight lines) rather than one sweep. Hitting a bump with just one wheel at a time gave the sensation of the car being twisted and then skitting sideways.

Half-wit agressive drivers - Woody
"in the Jeep you don't have to slow down for speed bumps"

I have never understood this common type of 4x4 quote.

I had to have new bushes etc on the front suspension of a Freelander after only 20K miles and was told by the dealer it was common "due to speed humps".

I cannot agree more about aggressive drivers. I had one this PM when I was doing 40 mph in a 40 limit with a young child in the back and had a young baseball capped moron behind me in an Astra GTE about a foot from my bumper whilst on a mobile.

If I were rich enough I would have a fleet of 10 Mondeos or Vectras where I could simply slam my breaks on, causing the inevitable and say I had braked for a cat/dog. Moron pays up every time.
Half-wit agressive drivers - SR
Did you actually get any insurance details from her at the time? Just wondering if they were keen to pay cash because she wasn't actually insured at all....
Half-wit agressive drivers - THe Growler
Send 'em to the Philippines. Our boys'd run rings round 'em.
Half-wit agressive drivers - GJD
I've never seen
HJ get quite so aerated in print before! ;-)

Just read it on the interweb. I'd not really thought of that before. It does seem silly having a bumper for cushioning impact then sticking a solid lump of metal out further. Mind you, it's not exactly easy to take my towbar off, though I've seen one that can be removed from a Golf in the blink of an eye with some magic in the boot.

I've never hit anyone with it of course, and if somebody wants to impale their radiator on it that's up to them I suppose.


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