306 TD problems - max_control
I have a couple of problems with my 306TD 1996 'N'.

1. It struggles starting sometimes, but once it is going it's fine. I have replaced the glow plugs, tried injector cleaner but nothing seems to work. After a failed start (Won't fire up after engine has turned over serveral times) I had to switch off the ignition, switch it on again wait for the glow plug light to go out for a second time and it would start almost straight awway. I have found something though through experimenting. If I wait after the glow plug light has gone out for a few more seconds it starts almost straight away. Is there someting that needs adjusting? I am not very clued up on diesels!!!

2. The front windscreen wipers don't work properly, the single wipe when you push the stalk down won't do one sweep it only operates while you hold the stalk down, and it wont repark itself, also when you operate the squirters it does three swipes and then stops at various positions, again no auto parking, I presume these faults are caused by the same thing. I have to select intermittant wipe to park the blades correctly.

Any suggestions would be great as I might be able to fix it and stop my Girlfriend wanting to get rid of it!!!!!
306 TD problems - Andrew-T
max - this problem comes up every few months (weeks even) on this site. Do a search and find the answers.
306 TD problems - M.M

As Andrew says this is a favourite topic for 306s, the forum search (not site search) will throw up loads.
But there is an extra clue in your post...you say it is OK if you wait an extra 4 seconds. This is true for many ZX/306 TDs and I think as they age they need a longer glowplug duration.

To those with such cars I just advise the 4 sec rule and not to look for any other faults. There is just one proviso. These cars need a quality glowplug, prefer a Beru OE type. Cheaper plugs may add to this delay and it is worth ensuring you have a set of Beru's, if they are any older than 50K it is worth changing them.

I've had similar problems cured by a new wiper stalk.

306 TD problems - Mr Moo
I would certainly agree with MM. I used to run a ZX TD. If you tried to start it from cold as soon as the glowplug light went off, this was accompanied by rough running and smoking. Waiting a further five seconds or so always resulted in excellent cold starting in sub zero temperatures.

Hope this helps to effect a cheap fix!!

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