Which one? - sub_cold_junkie
This is an old classic question, which do you prefer to own, The Subaru Impreza 22B or a Mitsubishi Evo 6? I am a Subaru man through and through and i just want to see what everyone else thinks. I love the design and quality of a Subaru not to mention the burbelling noise as one goes past! Thanx!
Which one? - nick
It's got to be the Subaru. The flat four does it for me too.
Which one? - sub_cold_junkie
YEA! The Subaru's Flat four boxer engine is magnificant! It's so low too, gives great grunt and handling. Good on you that man!
Which one? - Ivor E Tower
Neither is my sort of car, but if you're a scoobie fan, then I guess you won't be disappointed in sticking to what you know and love best.


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