BMW headlights - greaser pv
Has anyone else noticed how bright the dipped headlights on new BMWs are , I've been dazzled on several occasions, and personally think they're dangerous. Anyone know why , or what they're using now ?
BMW headlights - Aprilia
Some models are using HID bulbs - but they shouldn't dazzle, the cut-off is very good. They are probably just badly adjusted.
BMW headlights - Sooty Tailpipes
Assuming you do mean HID, then by law, there has to be dynamic beam levelling, where the level of the beam is constantly monitored via suspension sensors and adjusted to prevent dazzling. Power washers or wipers must also be fitted, as a dirty HID lamp will scatter the light and cause glare.

Research has shown that they don't dazzle people any more than halogen, but people's eyes are drawn to them, because of the unusual light .
BMW headlights - Aprilia

You are right that a self-levelling system is fitted - but it still has to be 'calibrated', and I suspect that this is where the problem may lie.
The standard BMW headlights are not that bright, so it has to be the HID ones that he's complaining about.
BMW headlights - greaser pv
I can't believe that the 5-6 cars that I've noticed ( all new BMW )have badly adjusted aims. It's actually the brightness of the bulbs themselves which is dazzling irrespective of the aim.What does HID stand for ?
I do know a poorly adjusted headlight having been in the trade for 30 yrs.
BMW headlights - Dynamic Dave
What does HID stand for ?

High Intensity Discharge.
BMW headlights - CM
I can't believe that the Halogens are too bright. I have a 5 series and would say that the lights are one of the worst aspects of the car as they are far too dim (even Powerbulbs ones).
BMW headlights - BobbyG
On a slightly different note, and I don't normally go in for the "cool"language, but do you not think there is fewer smarter sights on the road than a BMW 5 series with just its side lights on?

You look head on and just see these 4 rings of light - very smart in my humble opinion!
BMW headlights - Chad.R
Tottaly agree BobbyG, very smart indeed. I think they are refered to as Angel Eyes. Even better IMO when combined with the sport/M5 front bumper and spoiler kit.
Apparently specialists are doing a raring trade in retro fitting these items to pre facelift E39's. You can even buy Angel eyes for E36's too.

BMW headlights - DL
Angel eyes are available (as a kit consisting of a 'rope' of lights for retro fit to whatever headlamp you desire....

Available in the US...not sure about here.

I looked into it just over a year ago

I agree - the 5 Series with Angel Eyes and Xenons is the dogs when it comes to front-end lighting.
BMW headlights - smokie
How to make your own....
BMW headlights - DL
Students eh? Too much time etc etc

Good on him - looks the part too!

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