Where to buy / How to check turbo car? - Gazza
My parents have just retired and have taken away my Nissan QX for a year on the basis that I have a good job :(

I am now on the look out for a Nissan 200SX after going through the C-B-C breakdowns and achieves. I can spend upto 4000 pounds and am hoping for a 97R reg car with 60000 miles on the clock. I am going to pay below trade price ONLY and I can wait for the right car with the right price. Now the questions are:

1. I cannot find anything close to the trade price in Auto-Trader. Where can I source one? Can I find a 200SX from auction? Or am I better off with private / trader?
2. Or contact a trade-buyer to source for me? Have you guys got any contact?
3. I have never buy a turbo car before. How can I check a 200SX? Would buying from auction be dangerous because I cannot check the mechanicals ot test-drive?

In fact, I find that Nissan QX are very expensive at the moment on Auto-Trader. I cannot find anything good for under 2000 pounds, which was what I paid for mine a year ago. Why are they so expensive? I thought October should be a cheap car season. Would anyone kindly advice me please?

Thank you very much.


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