Focus to Clio? - GroovyChick{P}
Hi all,

I currently drive a '99 'S' Focus 1.8 petrol which I've had since Jan 2001 and which has on the whole been reliable and nice to own.
I am thinking of downsizing to a brand new Renault Clio 1.6 16V Dynamique+ 3dr, and have seen the Clio on offer as low as £8499. The reason for me downsizing is basically that I rarely carry back seat passengers and I want something more nippy and manouverable. :-)

I would stick with Ford but I don't like the new Fiesta.

I will of course be test driving a Clio but I would welcome feedback from current new shape Clio owners or anyone with a constructive opinion of my proposed change.

Thanks in advance.


Focus to Clio? - DavidHM
I have driven both Focus and Clio rather a lot, so I think I'm a good person to comment.

I would personally be more inclined to go with the dci 80 Clio (68 mpg, masses of torque) rather than the 1.6, although that's a personal thing.

The Focus is the better car, and I enjoy pushing it harder compared to the Clio - the handling is sharper IMO, and though I haven't driven a 16v (just the dci 65 and the 1.2 8v) I think the Ford Zetec is one of the better 16vs, very free revving, although gutless low down in 1.6 form.

In matters of safety, I don't think you'd have anything to lose, and the standard ABS and side bags are rather welcome. The Clio is also well thought out inside although I prefer the driving position of the Focus.

Given that you can get a new Focus Zetec for well under £10k (and there's the new 3 door Flight that lists at £10k, so should be tooling around for £9250 or so in a few months' time) I'm not sure I'd look at any Clio other than the 'basic' Extreme which is rather a good deal.
Focus to Clio? - Welliesorter
I had a Clio as a hire car the other day. I took an instant dislike to it because, whatever I did, I simply couldn't get comfortable. I appreciate others might not find the same.
Focus to Clio? - Andrew-T
Can't comment on Focus, but I drive SWMBO's Clio 1.6 16v from time to time. Everything works reliably, and seats are fairly comfortable for long journeys, but I find the clutch has a halfway point where pressure changes (a slightly 'hooked' action) making for jerky gear changes. Wife likes it though, so it will be with us for some while. MPG about 44 overall.
Focus to Clio? - Vagelis
Hi GC,

I own a '01 Clio 1.4 16v since new and can say that it's a very good car in terms of performance and handling. It goes fast and steady, gives you confidence in quick motorway turns, and corners in twisty roads like a cart (well I've put a set of Bilsteins on it as well :-)

In the interior, it is not so spacey, ergonomics have a French flavor (eg horn on the indicator-lights lever %-) and practicality is somewhat missing.

But, it's a car you'll love for driving, not just "commuting". Plus, the 1.6 16v will be a bit sweeter ;-)

Test drive one, ignore the initially goofy driving position (esp the steering wheel) and enjoy!

Focus to Clio? - daveyjp
Main problem with the Clio - wipers the wrong way round/ Result water left in driver's eye view and rain is thrown onto the drivers side from the passenger wiper.
Focus to Clio? - andymc {P}
I owned a current shape Clio with the dci 65 engine from new, but sold it less than 18 months later. The reasons were that although it drove and handled well and the engine was reasonably nippy in spite of being the lesser-powered version of the diesel, these good points were ultimately outweighed by the bad ones. I found the driving position far too awkward - no reach adjustable steering, clumsy height-adjustment on the seats, etc. By the time I sold it, the trim was already rattling, especially the sunroof (which being so close to your ears is particularly irritating). The remote locking was finicky almost from day one - you had to be standing next to the car for it to work and even then you sometimes had to press the button on the keyfob five or six times before it would unlock - not what you want on a wet winter's day. The build quality just wasn't as good as I had become used to with other cars, and in the end I was glad to see it go. Dealer was pretty useless as well, customer services (both at the dealer and the call centre) was the usual oxymoron. The Focus is a much more reliable car and less likely to give you any bother. Plus the larger size means a bigger crumple zone front and rear, which is more important in crash protection than extra airbags in a smaller lighter car.
Focus to Clio? - Blue {P}
I know you say you don't like the new Fiesta, I didn't particularly at first, but if you haven't test driven one I'd strongly recommend it.

Having been in a Clio and the new Fiesta I can honestly say that the new Fiesta seems to be better built and generally a better car.

I ended up buying a new Fiesta when they had a good insurance deal on it and I haven't regretted it, it grew on me very quickly. It's more spacious than the Clio, and handles much better, as well as been better built.

But I agree, the Clio is more instantly likeable in it's styling, I think the Fiesta needs a bit of time to grow on you.

I'd still rather drive a Focus though!

Focus to Clio? - Canon Fodder

Just to add my tuppen'th worth.....

I've driven a dci 65 quite a bit - a few quick notes.....

Dynamique trim gives good sports seats and , for me, a decent driving position.

A/C is awful - just a weak flow of cool air.

It's good that you won't need the back seats often GroovyC, cos they're not suitable for anything other than short trips

Handling is awesome - far and away the best in the supermini class that I've driven - you be going the long way for fun, and with the 16v 1.6 I'll bet it's pretty rapid.

Bits fall off - and what doesn't fall off is probably loose...

I'd say....go for it! - at that price it's practically a disposable.

Focus to Clio? - LongDriver {P}
You'll be disappointed.
Focus to Clio? - GroovyChick{P}
Thanks for the advice guys, I'm still undecided. I think it will take a lot for me to part with my Focus.

Cheers and I'll bear in mind everything I've been told.

Focus to Clio? - nick
>>I'd say....go for it! - at that price it's practically a disposable<<

Disposable at £8.5K!!?? I wish I was that rich.

Read HJ's thoughts on Renault, and then stick with Ford.

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