USA - Marcos{P}
Just got back from New York, I got in in the end after all the panic, and I noticed a distinct lack of BMW's. Loads of Merc S-Class and E-Class a fair few Lexus and of course loads of big American Lincoln Town car's but very few BMW's.
I would have thought the X5 would have been a huge seller but I only saw one.
The Americans obviously don't hate German products, Mercs everywhere, so why do they not like new BMW's. I say new as there were quite a few old style 5-Series but virtually no 7's and no new 5's.

USA - borasport20
just a couple of thoughts -

Merc is part of 'Mercedes Chrysler', so there may be fewer 'patriotism' issues with Merc as opposed to BM

Merc build vehicles in the States, i could be wrong but I don't think BM do, so as well as the patriotism thing, there could well be a cost advantage

Bora - what Bora ?
USA - Mark (RLBS)
Might be New York, because there are hundreds of the things between San Francisco and San Jose.
USA - Phil I
Beat me to it Mark. Common as muck around Lake Tahoe.
USA - Marcos{P}
Maybe it's just a New York thing. I do seem to remember seeing more BM's in other parts of the states but the lack of BMW's was very noticable.
USA - Dan J
Hey nice to hear you didn't spend 3 weeks locked in some US jail!

Perhaps the Yanks have some sense - why buy a new BM 7 series when you can buy the same car but with "Hyundai XG30" written on the back of it for about a quarter the amount...
USA - Marcos{P}
Thanks Dan
USA - BaseRSXmanual
I don't know about that. There are TONS!!! of BMWs here. A lot more than Mercs because they are generally cheaper. I don't like BMWs much but trust me they are everywhere. Too many on the roads in fact. I never really thought to notice what the ratio in NYC is, but come up to Boston or go to any middle-class suburban neighborhood anywhere in the country and you will soon be so sick of seeing BMWs, you will never want to have one again.
USA - Marcos{P}
Maybe it's just in Manhattan but there were definately loads of Mercs and virtually no BMW's.
I didn't go to the suburbs like Queens and Brooklyn so it may well be different there.
USA - DavidHM
And around the City of London, you'll find shedloads of chauffeur driven, low spec (mainly), diesel E and S-Class Mercedes and virtually no BMWs except those being driven by their owners. Maybe it's the same over there - how many people actually drive themselves in Manhattan?

FWIW the X5 and Z4 are actually built in Spartanburg SC. See if you're interested.
USA - BaseRSXmanual
Ha-ha yeah, when I was in London I was there for work, I stayed at the ?Grosvenor House?. I had to go way out of the city, I don?t remember where, further than Slough, because that was the other place I spent a lot of time (at Equant, Slough). Anyway they ordered me a ?car? to drive me there and it was a chauffeur driven diesel E. It was very nice but I ended up seeing all the sights of London from the back seat of a Merc :/ I did have some fun though. Nice clubs on and around Swallow Street, Piccadilly. lol! ;) I love the UK.
USA - nick
Glad you enjoyed yourself, BaseRSXmanual. I live here and love the UK too, although I'm a Brit so maybe biased! If you get back here make a trip to Lincoln, which IMHO is one of Britain's forgotten treasures, and I'll buy you a pint. That makes 2 of us liking the UK judging from many of the posts on here who make the place out to be the pits.
USA - Stargazer {P}
Hi All,

Just back from a week in Hawaii (see 'letter from Hawaii' thread)
and can confirm the lack of BMWs there as well, saw a grand total of one.....and it didnt try to cut me up, flash lights at me and even had functioning indicators.

Saw a few Mercs, one porsche many Subaru but mainly Ford SUVs, Nissan, Toyota, plus many Dodge and Pontiac hire cars. The Pontiac Grand Am I was using was awful to drive and had barely functioning A/C which on the wet and hot and humid side of the Big Island is a big worry.

Mind you did appreciate lack of serious traffic and the generally very good road manners.


Ian L.
USA - DieselBoy
I've just got back from a week in Delaware (which was very, very, dull). Saw lots of BMWs, but only the old shape 3 series, and they were normally a convertible.

The car of choice there appears to be the Chevrolet Impala. Horrible, horrible car.
USA - stackman
BMW does have a manufacturing plant in the USA at Sparatanburg, South Carolina where they make Z3 (presumably now Z4) and X5 models.
USA - No Do$h
So London and Slough..... Boy, you know how to have a great time!

RSX, next time you are over, let the BR know and we well see if we can suggest an itinerary that will offer you a slightly brighter view of the UK.

Slough. I mean, good grief. Who's idea of a joke was that?
USA - BaseRSXmanual
LOL, yeah everyone said Slough was terrible. But we were at the equant building; it?s across the street from a Black & Decker building. But the Equant headquarter buildings were absolutely beautiful, both inside an out. Ultra high-tech ID scanners, very modern architecture, and a view of Windsor Castle (I think?) off at the tree line from the top floor, modern, all glass lunch room! This was my only impression of Slough, so it was a VERY good one! But everyone told us Slough was known as a very bad part of the UK. I guess I didn?t see the bad parts.
USA - BaseRSXmanual
Plus we were all in the CHAUFFEUR driven mercs fallowing one of the tech guys driving his Jaguar XKR Convertible! Yeah Slough seemed pretty damn nice from the way I saw it! Lol
USA - THe Growler
Reminds me of the American tourist who said Windsor Castle was nice but it was a pity they built it so near the airport......
USA - BaseRSXmanual
I don?t get it? It was Windsor Castle I could see from the building in Slough. Unless I have the wrong castle, I think it was Windsor?
USA - 3500S
Hmm, recent trip to Central Florida also confirms a lack of BMWs, I think I saw three in my 14 days. Most of the cars were uber-SUVs like Ford Expedition and Dodge Ram.

We hired a Dodge Ram, it ONLY had a 5L V8 with poxy mpg of 15 to a USG. It was the only way to feel relatively safe on the roads there.

I wanted a Mustang but with speed limits of only 65 tops, it was such a waste.
USA - Altea Ego
Dont worry RSX, "G" is only winding you up. Yes it was windsor castle you saw, we dont have that many castles close to London, (or under heathrow flight path). You missed it at its most spectacular, that was the day it caught fire!
USA - BaseRSXmanual
Well one thing you can say for sure is that the USA is the world capital of SUVs, Mini-Vans, and pickup trucks!! I hate it. But believe it or not there are even tons of the BMW SUVs and the Mercedes SUVs. I know of two of each just in my neighborhood. Plus I have already seen 2 PORSCHE ? Cheyennes this week! What we have a real lack of are Jaguars. But they have been on the increase since Ford bought them.

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