Fixed Penalties for Parents - pdc {P}
Just heard this on radio news, but can't find anything on the 'net yet.

The government is to introduce fines for parents of children who regularly bunk school. Newsreader said it would be based on the fixed penalty system that targets motorists.

What next, speed cameras in the corridors to stop children from running in them ;-) rather than the Mr Bronson monstor bawling at the little darlings "you boy, do not run in the corridor."

As always, tackle the problem with penalties rather than education.
Fixed Penalties for Parents - Mark (RLBS)
This isn't really going to be about Motoring, is it ?

delete button poised....
Fixed Penalties for Parents - BobbyG
However, could this not be tied into the earlier link about parents driving without kids strapped up.

Why does the govt not run a similar canmpaign on this with the same fine structure ie automatic £30 fine if having unrestrained child in car? Or do they have these powers already?
Fixed Penalties for Parents - pdc {P}
Could possibly make another tenuous motoring link here. Maybe it will take some of the traffic cops from traffic duties to enforce the scheme?
Fixed Penalties for Parents - daveyjp
There are powers already for not wearing a seatbelt/strapping in kids - £100 fine, but no point if the chances of getting caught are almost nil - the police would have a field day if they waited outside any school - hundreds of kids not strapped in (I know I see them). The mobile phone law will be exactly the same - I saw 8 people on the phone last night on the way home and a tipper truck driver this morning trying to negotiate a roundabout while on the phone. If it's not a 'police priority' no-one will get pulled.
Fixed Penalties for Parents - Soupytwist

I think you'll find that the negative effects of truancy for the individual and society as a whole have been well known for some time.

Many people still think that those effects don't apply to them and that it's the teachers' responsibility to get those children back to where they should be had they don't missed huge chunks of school.

If they won't learn through persuasion perhaps hitting them in the pocket will help.
Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.
Fixed Penalties for Parents - Armitage Shanks{P}
Recent reports suggest that many children arrive to start school incapable of conversation, unable to use knives and forks and unaccustomed to eating meals at a table , snacking in front of the TV is the normal 'meal'. What is probably needed is parenting lessons; people who, for whatever reason, bring up their children like this aren't likely to have the money for an on the spot fine and taking money off them isn't going improve their children's live in any way.
Fixed Penalties for Parents - Mark (RLBS)
This isn't motoring, nor does it show any signs of going that way.

I'm locking it now and will delete it later.

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