BMW [semi] humour... - Ian (Cape Town)
BMW (SA) have recently launched a new model.
Unfortunately for them, some wag has realised that IF the badging is inverted [as in the old 710 77345 = shell oil] , it spells a VERY rude word in the local vernacular.

BMW [semi] humour... - J Bonington Jagworth
Just hope nobody rolls one, then...
BMW [semi] humour... - Pugugly {P}
Well put me out of my misery - what is the mopel number ?
BMW [semi] humour... - clariman
The X35 ?
BMW [semi] humour... - mike johnson
the BMW evitneter lana ?
BMW [semi] humour... - Pugugly {P}
They really should have sussed that !
BMW [semi] humour... - Ian (Cape Town)
aah, Pug, IIRC YOU drive that particular model ... do the old calculator trick, then google for the meaning...

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