Volvo 940 Clutch - Predictable Bob
Morning all - this is my first post so keep it simple for me !

I've got a 1995(M) Volvo 940 2.3 SE Turbo Estate, it's got 65,000 on the clock and I had the clutch replaced last year BUT the clutch has become 'rough' when reversing and is none too good on moving away from rest. In addition to this I was giving it a little workout last night and I noticed a faint smell of burning clutch (after a brief spell at 5,000 revs).

Any suggestions as to the problem ? (and a cure too ?)
Volvo 940 Clutch - Cliff Pope
It sounds as if you might have an oil leak, either from the engine or the gearbox, contaminating the clutch plate. These engines are a bit prone to leaks, especially if the crankcase ventilation system is not kept clean. Was this looked at when you had the clutch replaced? Was the engine rear seal replaced?
At worst this means another new clutch. At best, curing any crankcase pressure might stop the leak, and the existing oil on the plate may well burn off in time.
Someone may suggest other causes, but this has been my experience with the B21 engine.
Volvo 940 Clutch - Peter D
Not sure I understand the ‘Rough’ comment. Does it feel rough when you press it, is it dragging or snatching or is it the pressure bearing making a noise. Check for the rear crankshaft oil leak by checking for drips of oil form the bottom of the bell housing. Regards Peter
Volvo 940 Clutch - Predictable Bob

By \'rough\' I mean that there is judder as I let the clutch out, I\'m not aware of any noise and have seen no signs of oil leaks n the drive but I\'ll check the bell housing at the next opportunity.

Ta !

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