Comments on A4 deal - JAJ
Am about to but a new A4 1.9Tdi SE. With options, local Audi dealer is around £21k and discounts seem a swear word. HJ links to which can provide me with one for £18.8k plus options so say £19.5k. Local dealer was trying to sell me a 3 month old ond for £19,995 !

Has anybody ever dealt with these ? Their patter appears good - they don't take any cash as apparently they order from any Audi dealer so my contract is with the dealer. Seems like I can't lose but I am a little cautious !
Comments on A4 deal - Welliesorter
I bought my car (not an Audi) through them with no problems at all. Their only involvement was to pass my details on to a dealer.

The only risk is you don't know in advance where the dealer is located. In my case this was about 25 miles away but they said they fulfilled orders from all over the country. I can only see this being an issue if the car is a complete disaster and you need to reject it. Presumably you can take the car to any Audi dealer for warranty work.

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