Audi A4 wipers - continental fit tip - Typo
Yesterday I bought a set of new front wipers for my 1996 A4 from Euro Car Parts for about £19. They are the genuine Audi part (8D1 998 003) with notes on the box in several European languages.

When I tried to fit them I found that they would only latch into place on the wiper arm if turned upside down on the screen. Clearly they are supplied in continental orientation. I ended up unclipping the latch from the wiper assembly and reversing it. I assume this is what you are supposed to do - I didn't see any mention on the packet. If you don't do this the wiper assembly could wiggle off the wiper arm in due course. My previous wipers would latch either way round.

I guess this is obvious to you mechanically minded people but I thought I'd mention it, just in case.

BTW, pleased with the wipers - wish I'd replaced them ages ago.

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