citroen zx - mickflan
ok ive read all the things on the zx heating system but this one is really bugging me.
last year i replaced the heater matrix (never again),
this year my radiator started leaking so i had to replace it i have filled the rad bled the system temp gauge goes up to 90 then the fan comes in heaters are working but when the vehicle is idling they blow cold rev and they blow warm thermostat is working ok only thing i can think of is the veins in the water pump have gone i have spent 3 days bleeding the system there is no air im sure. anybody had the same or similar probs any advice is worth trying cheers...mick
citroen zx - GJD
Hi Mick

Apart from congratulating you on managing to change the radiator - I had to break mine in situ to get it out - I can't offer much help except to say that you might have more luck asking in the Technical Matters forum.

I don't know if the moderators have the ability to move a thread from one forum to another, but if your message disappears from here that might be the reason.

citroen zx - Mark (RLBS)
I'll move it in an hour or so, giving Mick the chance to see that it will be moved.



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