Peugeot 306 remote locking - FP
My 306's remote locking key's batteries have lasted just 3 months. I seem to remember someone here saying that poor contacts in the key cause the batteries to run down.

One: are there any fixes for this?
Two: does anyone know of a source of cheap batteries (they are lithium)?
Peugeot 306 remote locking - solara
You cant do much about the electronics in the key fob.
However, I have been told that you can buy the key fob casing from a pug dealer for about a fiver.
If your old key fob case has a worn/torn rubber button, then it will be letting in moisture (from sweaty pockets) which could be causing a short circuit somewhere and zapping the battery.
You should be able to get the CR2025 batteries for about a quid each.
Peugeot 306 remote locking - FP
Thanks for that information. The key in question, when carried, usually dangles from my belt - but I take the point.

I assume the quid each for the batteries is from a Peugeot dealer?
Peugeot 306 remote locking - Billybigun
Batteries 2 for £1.29 and 95p delivery so if you buy a few quite a good price.

Peugeot 306 remote locking - Civic8
I would`nt believe too much of what you hear.I had severe problems with my rover remote I was told the remote control had a problem.It did not I bought a battery from a different place costing more have not had a problem since.I have heard dont quote me on this some manufacturers don`t fully charge a battery.will still read the voltage but not the ampage ie low in pressure
Peugeot 306 remote locking - DL
Also depends if they are old stock!

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Peugeot 306 remote locking - David Horn
A battery can only be measured properly when it's under load... otherwise, it will read the correct voltage. Put it under load and if it's going flat the voltage should drop.

Difficult to do with a button cell, though.

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