Trafficmaster offer - JohnX
Not a thread related to buying cars , but probably may interest anyone planning to buy a trafficmaster system.
Saw an offer on where you can get the trafficmaster freeway setup for £25.Normally the price of this thing is £80.
Anyway being a complete offer sucker i ordered it without thinking.
Waiting for mine to arrive and then will post about how useful/less it is!
And yes I have to purchase a car first before i get to test it!
Hopefully sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Trafficmaster offer - Sooty Tailpipes
It makes no mention, but does it come with the subscription? If so, very cheap, as that used to be £50 pa a few years back.
Trafficmaster offer - JohnX
I would think it does and i assume it does come with a 1 year subscription.
However its too early to say whether it is really a genuine offer.
Of late there are companies resorting to highly publicised "offers" at heavily discounted prices.
Eventually after collecting the orders they send you a letter saying they are unable to honour your order because their supplier hasnt passed on the stock to them , or some other excuse of the sort.
Eg the free cell phone offers a month back for the 3 network.About 800 orders were placed for camera mobile phones which were completely free on pay as you go.
Yet only a very minimal number actually received them in the end.
Anyway i hope this one does eventually come!
Trafficmaster offer - TrevorH
This is genuine. I bought mine from savastore in March this year with the usual reservations (how can they do this for this price ?). It duly turned up - albeit when no-one was home and I had to make a 14 mile round trip to the carrier's depot to collect it, with a ridiculously long wait when I got there. Not savastore's fault, obviously. It comes with a year's licence but I notice they've put the annual renewal up to 30 squid.

I have just started on the second set of batteries and has been of great use. I had the no-subscription LED one but found it less useful as it cannot report on peripheral roads and needed new batteries every month. When I'm clockwising on the M25, the freeway will tell me the state of the M3 before I reach the A3 and the M4 before I reach the M3 giving me the opportunity to detour if needs be. I also find Vauxhall's TrafficMaster webpage invaluable to tell me the state of the M25 before I leave work.
Trafficmaster offer - kennybase
At that price - you can't go wrong!!

Just a quick question to those who have one - how does it warn you? Is it a voice system, or is it one that bleeps in the direction of the jam?

Cheers in advance!

Trafficmaster offer - kennybase

Just reread the details - seen its speech based!! Now I feel stupid!! Oh well - may aswell get another gadget for the car!!!
Trafficmaster offer - Steve Pearce
Just reread the details - seen its speech based!! Now I
feel stupid!! Oh well - may aswell get another gadget for
the car!!!

Don't knock it, I have one and wouldn't be without it. £25 for the unit with subscription is very good, the renewal price is £30 at the moment. I got mine free with Car Insurance about 4 years ago but have always kept it subscribed.
Trafficmaster offer - kennybase
Wasnt' knocking it!! I used to sell them when I was a student working in a shop - but we had the map based ones which were good as they showed you the way aswell. I've got GPS in the car, but no traffic info, so I think that this would be a good investment - thing is though, most of the time I'm stuck for new routes to go on anyway!! :)
Trafficmaster offer - drbe
Trafficmaster Freeway is speech based. Not the most exciting female voice you have ever heard, but quite adequate for the job. She normally says e.g. "You are near M25 junction 10 clockwise. Slow traffic between junction 12 and 13, expect 10 minutes delay. M3 traffic flowing freely, M4 traffic flowing freely".

When approaching a motorway or A road with sensors, you receive a report on traffic conditions in both directions. When you are on the motorway and pass a sensor, it then knows where you are and in which direction you are travelling and will pass messages specific to your location. If traffic is free flowing the unit bleeps - Volume is contollable.

Not infallible, but reasonably accurate for the purpose required. Trafficmaster do seem to be losing money.

I have had mine just over a year and find it (almost) invaluable.

Good luck
Don drbe
Trafficmaster offer - eMBe {P}
>>.. Trafficmaster do seem to be losing money. ..>>
I would just point you to

At the bottom of the chart, click on "news" to sind out why the shares have risen from 10p to 40p in six months!!

I will not comment on the rest of this thread as I have to declare an interest as a shareholder.
Trafficmaster offer - scotty
I have traffic master fitted to Omega, but I'm too tight fisted to pay the subscription. I've driven hire cars with the system fitted and found it ok on the motorways etc. but it got out of itself once I got off the M6 at Penrith.

I live an hour from the nearest motorway and TM coverage seems a litle light around this neck of the woods, but then so are roads.

Perhaps if I lived elsewhere it would be worth the dosh.

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