Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - Maxine
My b/f and I have looked at a couple of NX100's to find something to replace his current car, and while we both really liked them he is concerned that they look like a bit of a woman's car!!! I don't think they do, but I've got some convincing to do - especially as we've seen a gorgeous metallic blue one that I absolutely loved!!!

Your thoughts (and support!) please

Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - THe Growler
Tell him it reflects his sensitive caring side as a modern liberated male who is confident enough in his masculinity without the need to display out-dated male aggression inferiority feelings and stereotyping via his choice of motor vehicle. Encourage him to reach out to that sublimated feminine streak all men have lurking inside them by choosing a car that expresses the softer, more huggy feelings that blur the divide between today's genders, and that he is in fact showing he is above gender-typing by straddling that line without actually crossing it.

He may still want to park it round the corner before going into the pub to met his mates of course.
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - Altea Ego
As long as he can climb in without flashing his stocking tops I dont see the problem.
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - tunacat
Sorry to say, Maxine, but The 100nx IS very widely held as a 'girly' car. Some people think Micras (of all ages) are girly, but at least they are practical (eg could be used as a plumber's van).

The 100nx falls into the same camp (pun definitely NOT intended) as the Toyota Paseo and Suzuki X90 - their looks are considered somewhat girly and they aren't very good at what they're claiming to be (sports car; off-roader).

But hey, you buy what the heck you want - I'm just trying to answer your question by informing you of the generally-held view. If your fella feels his image is challenged by the 100nx, haggle the price down another £200, and use that to buy him a Lada Riva for his own use. No-one can argue with the manly biceps required to reverse-park one of those!
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - No Do$h

It is the queen of girly cars. Makes the Paseo look butch. What that says about male motoring psychology is a probably best left in the changing rooms.....

Now what about a nice, butch ford Probe? (tic)

Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - Clanger
Maxine, you like the car; your boyfriend isn't sure.

I think you've answered your own question.

Stranger in a strange land
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - neil
"he is concerned that they look like a bit of a woman's car!!!"

Yes. In fact they're possibly the DEFINITIVE girlie car!

PS How manly is it to be 'concerned'...?!?

Maybe get the car, ditch the bloke? ;-)
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - LongDriver {P}
The NX100 is only outshone in girliness by the Mk1 Toyota MR2, particularly in white.

For hairdressers only!
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - GrumpyOldGit
The NX100 is not even a hairdresser's car - it's a hairdresser's receptionist's car.

(With apologies to Ann Robinson.)
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - Nsar
LD come on....what about the Suzuki Vitara, the biggest pink girly skipping rope motor ever to be double parked outside the dry cleaners
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - Chris White
I had one of these about a year back and I bought it because the roof panels come off (I mean just HOW COOL is that).

I'm not someone who's that concerned about image (I did drive a Proton for over 3 years and my first car was a Yugo), but I couldn't stand the comments about it being a girly car so I changed it after 6 months and I now drive a big, butch Volvo.
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - MichaelR
Not sure whether its girly, but it is apparently a shocking, shocking car.
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - Maxine
Hmmmm... some interesting replies!

I get the feeling that generally you don't like them, or rather that you DO think they're a woman's car.

CW said he'd had one for a while, was it OK?

Has anyone else owned one, and if so what did you think of it - reliability etc.?

Thanks again


PS Anyone else got an opinion on them... ?!!!
PPS I think that I am convincing the b/f!
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - Baskerville
You might think you're convincing him but if you get one he'll hate it after a while because of all the comments, then if he just puts up with it he'll have 'leverage' over other things. His argument will go something like this: 'You know you wanted that car? Well I want a pool table in the spare bedroom. And I know you're forty-seven and you want to start having kids and time is running out and that room would be perfect for a nursery, but this is for me just for once, ok?' And as for the next time you buy a car together, he will demand to have full control over the purchase. Tread very carefully and be prepared to make concessions.
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - Chris White
Hi Maxine,

Had no problems reliabilty wise at all. Just make sure you don't pay top price for it as it will be hard to sell on when you decide to sell (not many people know what they are).

Very good mpg. I drive with a heavy right foot and on a mixture of city driving and motorway driving I was getting 39mpg.

I remember that it had a good top speed. At 100mph (not on public roads of course) it's only pulling 4000rpm.

Can't remember any other issues (I was doing a 50 mile round trip every day). It's Japanese so it's not likely to go wrong.

I think what mainly got me to sell it was the image that people have of it and that all of the other ones down here (in Eastbourne) were driven by very old people.

Hope this helps,

Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - Maxine
Hello All...

Well I got my way and b/f has bought a gorgeous blue NX100!
The defining moment was when he managed to get out of the car without flashing his stocking tops!!! (Ha ha - thanks 'Renault family'!)

Anyway, I'm hoping that I might be given the car when I pass my test (eventually) !


PS. Does anyone know if they made a workshop manual for them ?
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - Kuang
There isn't a specific manual as far as I know, but Haynes do a Nissan Sunny manual (the car the 100NX is based on) and that covers a lot of the mechanical stuff. If you're interested, the ISBN is

1 85960 219 3

(and thanks to my guitarist for that, who owns a blue J reg NX, is a 6ft2" rocker, and is not even *vaguely* girly) ;)
Is the Nissan NX100 a 'girly car'? - Altea Ego
As it turns out Maxine, its obvious who is wearing the trousers in your relationship ;-)

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