car supplier delivery dates - meldrew
Has anyone here bought a car from car supplier and actually had it arrive on the CONFIRMED delivery date...??
car supplier delivery dates - JamesH
I haven\'t personally bought from car supplier. However, all their cars are now UK-sourced so, in theory, there wouldn\'t be any extra delay compared to a dealer\'s quoted date.

car supplier used to do parallel imports. A problem with these (not specific to car supplier) was that manufacturer would sometimes delay the order. Some of the \'scare stories\' you may have heard related to these situations outside the importer\'s control. These should not affect car supplier anymore.

car supplier business practices - meldrew
I\'ll start this post with \"I just don\'t believe it!\"

So far car supplier have failed to meet two promised delivery dates with no communication while somebody waited at home for two full days for them. THe vehicle was originally ordered in July.

It\'s promised again this week but my son (who has ordered it)got a call to say it would be delivered without a radio. Fit one yourself and send us the bill....!

He tried to phone. You are next in the queue - but got cut off
at 7pm without so much as a by your leave despite having dialled in at 6.30. Sales are open till 8 but \"after sales\" i.e. after they have taken your money, close at 7.

Anyone know a good lawyer for compensation, which I do believe
is deserved.

car supplier business practices - Mark (RLBS)
Since there is potential legal action pending, as well as a suggestion of dodgy practices, I am going to remove the company name from this thread.

Please don't reintroduce it.
car supplier business practices - meldrew
My apologies. I did not intend to make potential allegations
but was simply interested to know if anyone else had had the
same problems.

I feel it is probably inefficiency rather than deliberate
actions but it certainly is not very good customer service!


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