Stupid people - Ian (Cape Town)
There is no believing the absolute stupidity of some folk ...
What more does this idiot want????

After suffering a hijack ordeal and nearly losing his life, a Bellville man is now faced with a huge bill for repairs after police riddled his vehicle with bullets in a shootout with gunmen.

Jaco Swart's car was hijacked by three men while he was driving with girlfriend, Marlize Viviers, in Bellville in May.

The car was recovered by police about two-and-a half hours later in Kuils River but only after a shootout that put 36 bullet holes in it.

Now Swart wants the police to foot the bill "as they are responsible for the damage to the car".

Swart said he did not have insurance to pay for the bills.

Police Inspector Elliott Sinyangana also said the police were not responsible for the damage as they were acting on behalf of the owner.

"The police were acting on his behalf and the car was damaged during the process of fighting for him," said Sinyangana.

He said Swart should be grateful that the police managed to return his car to him and added that Swart did not have proof that it was the police who damaged the car.

"If the shooting was between the owner and the police, and the police were found to be wrong, then they would be responsible for damages," said Sinyangana.

Stupid people - NitroBurner
Hi Ian,

I've heard how the police in SA deal with 'joyriders' & car thieves. Sounds good to me. Pity we don't try it over here!
Stupid people - Ian (Cape Town)
In this case, the thieves had guns... so do our police, and are probably better shots.
By the way, you HAVE tried it 'over there'. I believe his name was Clegg, and he was with 3 Para...

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