Magneti Marelli ??? - Pete
Can anyone plese advise the UK agent for Magneti Marelli products or perhaps, a UK firm who deals with them on a regular basis ?
Thank you. Pete.
Magneti Marelli ??? - Aprilia
Magneti Marelli (UK) Ltd
Walkmill Lane
WS11 3LP
Tel: 01543 462525
Fax: 01543 466325
Magneti Marelli ??? - Pete
Thanks Aprilia for the reply.
I have been down this road as well. These people are not Magneti Marelli and have not been for at least the last five years. I have spoken with them, they are now "Automotive Lighting" and claim to have no ties with Magneti Marelli.
Thanks anyway.

So, how about it folks?
Rgds, Pete.
Magneti Marelli ??? - Kimion
How about:
Magneti Marelli After Market Ltd (After Market Division)
Automotive spares suppliers & manufrs


Telephone and fax
Tel: 0121-609 5491
Fax: 0121-609 5401

Shaftmoor Lane
Hall Green
B28 8SW

Magneti Marelli ??? - Altea Ego
"they are now "Automotive Lighting" and claim to have no ties with Magneti Marelli."

Then how come they are a listed subsiduary of Magnetti in the Fiat registered company reports?
Magneti Marelli ??? - Pete
Thanks very much Kimion. My searches did not turn that one up, will give them a call in the morning.

Renault Family. In answer to your question, I do not know but am by no means surprised.

My thanks to you both, Pete.
Magneti Marelli ??? - Dizzy {P}
In case you are unaware, Magneti Marelli took over much of the Lucas automotive electrical business quite a long while ago -- probably in the late '80s. I assume that any Lucas electrical factor will be able to supply Magneti info and parts.
Magneti Marelli ??? - Pete
Thanks Dizzy, was not aware, will check out this aspect as well.
Much appreciated, Pete.
Magneti Marelli ??? - Dizzy {P}
Pleased to help, Pete. To be more specific, the electrical business that MM took over from Lucas included starter motors and alternators. I don't know if they took over all of these but the ones that we used on Perkins diesel engines went from Lucas to MM branding. I don't know the current(!) situation.
Magneti Marelli ??? - RogerL
From memory, Magneti Marelli took over all the automotive Products from Lucas, but didn't take over Lucas's aerospace side.
Magneti Marelli ??? - Pete
Thanks to all contributors. All the above have been looked into and proved fruitless. It would appear that Magneti Marelli no longer have any formal presence in UK (unless you know different)

So, can anyone please tell me how to contact Magneti Marelli, either in UK or in Italy ?

Thank you, Pete.
Magneti Marelli ??? - Altea Ego

Click on the contact us link on the bottom of their page
Magneti Marelli ??? - Aprilia
Someone is leading you up the garden path. Automotive Lighting IS a division of Magneti Marelli.

The Italian HQ is at:
Magneti Marelli ??? - Pete
Thanks again to Aprilia and Renault Family.

They were all giving me the telephonic run round and the people at my local Lucas branch even claimed that is Lucas who own Magneti Marelli (Yeah, right!)

So I gave up trying with these people and was about to start playing with e-mail addresses your two postings came through.

Thanks again to you both.
Rgds, Pete.


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