Whats it worth please ??? - welshy
1994 Astra Turbo diesel hatchback, car has a genuine 30,000 miles backed up by mot`s and service history . The car has had one owner from new , im trying to find the price out for a good friend of mine . Can anyone assist please ???
Whats it worth please ??? - DavidHM
What channel is it going through? Retail, private or trade/auction?

What spec is it? Is it L- or M-reg? Is it pre-facelift or one of the very first facelifted ones wtih the V-grille?

I reckon somewhere around the £1300 mark retail, £1k privately and £550-£600 trade for a pre-facelift GLS - but super low mileage, mint, ten year old diesels are just slightly hard to find and I'm sure there are loads who will say that's too much or too little.


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