Overheating diesel toyota - Gregory P
I have a problem with my car.

It is a Toyota camry 1.9 litre turbo diesel 1987 with 100,000 miles

The problem started when the temperature gauge kept fluctuating under high speeds hitting the ?overheating? mark. The garage diagnosed it as a head gasket fault and replaced it.

However, when taking the car for a long journey after one year after having the gasket replaced, the car overheated again.

It happened after covering 2000 miles in two days; When on the German Autobahn coming back toward the UK I was in a queuing traffic jam two hours or so with the car moving at 5 mph the same happened.

The temperature gauge went to the red. I put the heater on in the car and the gauge slowly went back to normal.

My question is what could be causing this. The gasket was replaced last year and I only covered 3,500 miles since then.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Overheating diesel toyota - Sooty Tailpipes
Maybe another head gasket is gone, due to a flaw in the mating surfaces, or warpage, or maybe when it blew last time, detritus in the coolnt blocked quite a lot of the cores in the radiator? Both have happened to me.

How did you get to the Fatherland? Did you go through France or get a direct ferry, I need to go soon, to get a new head, for my Omega, they are £400 cheaper there, and tyres are £92 instead of £120 for the same thing!
Overheating diesel toyota - DL
Overheating diesel toyota - Billy Whizz
That is the trouble with Toyotas - they are unreliable and difficult to repair.

Take it back to the garage who did the work and... tell them they did not do it properly and make them do it again. And remind them to bleed the system properly as that can easily cause these sort of things to happen.

How much did you pay for that botched repair?
Overheating diesel toyota - DL
surely it's out of any warranty; it would be unfair to level any blame at the reapir shop.

Was the radiator flow-tested at the time of repair?

Again, I think your problem lies with the radiator and/or possibly the engine thermostat.

Radiators are often overlooked during head gasket repairs......
Overheating diesel toyota - wemyss
In a traffic jam and the heater bought the temperature down...
Sounds like the electric radiator cooling fan isn't coming on.
Overheating diesel toyota - Bob the builder
Well, hasn't it got to be cool enough outside to cool the engine. My Toyota Carina started overheating coming back from my Italian summer hols, five up with luggage plus a trailer. Up inclines and in jams with the air con going full belt, what do you expect when the outside air temperature was 39C ? How on earth can the air cool the water before it starts round the system again. Heater on full blast for 2 mins cured the problem.
Overheating diesel toyota - RichardW
The heater is just another radiator, and it's fed with the same air as the main radiator - it's also only about 1/10th the size. If the heater was required to bring the engine temp back down, then I would suspect a fault with the forced cooling on the main radiator (be it electric or viscous coupling).

There is a case I guess that the heater is receiving the chilled air from the air con evaporator, and will therefore be much more efficient - but I haven't worked out if that will remove more heat from the system or not - depends on the boundaries I suppose.... No, it will, because the heat removed plus the energy input by the compressor is exhausted throught the air con condenser at the front of the car.

Given the size and efficiency of the radiators on most modern cars, I would have thought the design air temperature would be well above 40°C.

Could be way off beam though....


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....


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