how much? - Riz
Pranged somebodys bumper in a car park yesterday, low speed scrape, broke the plastic of the front bumper of a new golf. No metal work damage, so i thought i'd offer to pay for a new one. The lady comes back to me with a quote for £460 from vw dealer to supply and fit new bumper, surely this can't be right???

Any thoughts anyone, be much appreaciated.
how much? - M.M
Really sorry Riz but this sounds reasonable.

Even quite an old cheap car would have a £100 plus bumper then £100 plus to paint.

how much? - Chris White
I'd agree. I drove into the back of someone's V-reg Pug 306 at low speed.

I offered to repair it without involving insurance compaines and we eventually settled on a quote (not from Peugeot) for £460 to replace bumper.
how much? - DL
How bad is the damage? Would it not Plastic Surgeon repair?
how much? - Riz
i never thought of that, will look it into it.

1 question though, if we go ahead through the insurance companies and i don't claim for the damage to my car despite that this is obviously my fault, will i lose my prescious 3 years no claims?
how much? - looking4car
What kind of car is the lady driving ?

Or more important, how valuable is her car ?

If it is a new unmarked thing she'll want it fixed properly.

If I was you and she was driving a N reg micra or similar I'd offer her 250 cash and allow her to fix/bodge it herself or to live with the cracked bumper.
how much? - looking4car
I'm always amazed at the traffic at my local sypermarket.

The main carpark is always packed, people reversing, looking for spaces, fighting over spaces, racing trolleys around.

I always park in the overflow which is about 30 metres away and have the place to myself.

Even odder is the behavour at the gym where I am a member. People will almost kill to get 10 metres closer to the front door before spending hours getting sweaty on various machines.

I park in the corner before my gentle exercise and crash out in the jacuuzi.

Value my car