Removing Citroen ZX Stereo - JeremyD
Can anyone tell me how to remove the standard fitted stereo in my 93 reg citroen zx volcane? I have a replacement facia and stereo to put back in.

Removing Citroen ZX Stereo - BobbyG
I have previously removed the stereo so from memory:

Lift the small flap up to expose the cassette.
There should be a hole either side with a rubber blank in it.
Remove the blank and this will expose a screw of some sort.
Remove screw (or maybe its one of the standard car radio sliderclips) and then unit should just pull out.

As this was 3 cars ago I can't guarantee it!
Removing Citroen ZX Stereo - Dom F {P}
Further to last answer, those screws are Citroen's favourites - they are NOT crossheads but a 6-point type allen key.

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