C5 'parking' wing mirrors - Bill Black
I see that advice on C5s doesn?t crop up all that often on this board but I live in hope.
After printing out the last reply I got on here it got my dealer thinking in the right direction and he actually did manage to improve the dodgy pickup and the rough downshift on my ?03 C5 auto. Unfortunately he left the settings of the automatic ?parking? wing mirrors in a state. They don?t now swing 90 deg. in to the body on remote locking, or if they do it?s hit and miss. Neither does the passenger side mirror swing down on reversing anymore.
So, can anybody help me to get my mirrors working properly again, are the two functions connected? i.e. parking and adjustment when reversing.
I really don?t want to let my local dealer loose on the car again yet.
C5 'parking' wing mirrors - Mondaywoe
Hi Bill

I don't know if this will work for your mirrors, but it works a treat when my electric windows go out of sync. (They close right up as they should, then promptly go back down about 2 inches!)

The solution is to disconnect the battery (easy terminals to unclip) Count to ten. Then re-connect.

You'll need to reset the clock, retune the radio, reset 'overspeed' settings etc - but all of that is explained in the handbook.

You might find that doing this then working the mirrors fully out and fully in a few times might get them back on song. Also lock and unlock the car a few times with the plip.

Disconnecting the battery (surprisingly!)does the C5 no harm - although it might obliterate any fault codes stored since the last service. But having said that, if the faults are still there the codes will probably be re-stored anyway.

I've had to do this twice in 21,000 miles - the only 'fault' the car has had!

Good luck!

C5 'parking' wing mirrors - HY

The problem with erratic windows is almost always caused by a faulty central display (in car without color screen of course). This afflicts some '01 and '02 cars. Related indicator of this problem is an instrument panel which sometimes turns off itself for a second or two during drive. Go to a dealer and get it replaced!

C5 'parking' wing mirrors - Mondaywoe
Thanks for that! The 'disconnect the battery' tip was the advice I got from the dealer! I haven't had any problems with the central display, but the actual dash display did (once) cut out for a split second. I think the dealer said he had updated the software at the last service. The dash has never misbehaved again - but the windows did about a month ago.

Will discuss with dealer. Many thanks for the tip.

Would this have any bearing on Bill's mirror problem, though?

C5 'parking' wing mirrors - rg
Bill, all,

Ahhh! Good to know that Citroen have kept up the fine tradition for occasional electrical quirkiness! Unfortunatly, these issues seem to take centre stage, and the fine features of the marque and model get unfairly obscured and misunderstood.

Paul Johnson at www.xm-centre.com now deals mainly in early C5s, and, just as he did with the XM (to great success), has quick and lasting fixes to many of the "foibles".

He may be worth a call should you get stuck. Also, I suspect that there is a specific C5 forum on www.yahoogroups.com, just as there are for the XM and Xantia.


C5 'parking' wing mirrors - Mondaywoe
Some info just coming through on the C5 Yahoogroup, Bill. There have been rumours going around at Citroen dealer meetings that there is a problem with the mirrors. Apparently they are looking at a software fix.

C5 'parking' wing mirrors - Bill Black
Thanks Graeme, and everybody else who's answered, for all your feedback. I'm in touch with the Yahoo group now so here's hoping.
C5 'parking' wing mirrors - HY
As far as I have been informed, faulty central display works fine but just sends wrong signals through car's multiplex. I don't know about relation between the folding mirrors however (main is a 'social' SX without this feature but with the display which is OK).
The biggest problem so far (from July '01) was leaking power steering pump and known 'clunking' window rubber seals - both replaced last month under warranty.



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