Revamped X-Trail - Psybear

Had finally (well nearly) convinced myself that I deserved a new car and that it should be an X-Trail Sport-X, when I spotted a short article on the Auto Express website about a revamped version expected in the UK by the new year.

Dammit. Now I'm in a quandary. I can get the 2.2Di Sport-X for around £18200 (a healthy discount on list), but should I wait for the newer model? A 'slight' price rise is anticipated, but will the same discounts be available on the newer model?

I would welcome any advice - and any more info re the changes as the Auto Express article has limited information (and only very small pictures).

Revamped X-Trail - Psybear
Revamped X-Trail - LongDriver {P}
If you're set on an X-Trail, I'd get in touch with Motorpoint or similar and get a 2.2 SVE for similar money to the Sport-X

(OK, they're SE+ model imports, but the SE+ and SVE are...ermmmm...100% IDENTICAL)
Revamped X-Trail - jd

I got myself an X-Trail 2.2 D Sport for more than a grand less than you mention a few months ago- what extra items does, or will, the Sport-X version have ? The model I have seems to have everything covered except heated seats and folding mirrors.

It's a cracking motor so far. I presume you want the 2.2 diesel over the petrol engine ?

As another poster mentions, there are plenty of petrol SE+ around for reasonable money. I would recommend the diesel though, much more in keeping with the character of the car.

Let me know if you want any more input on X-Trail ownership.

Revamped X-Trail - JimT
I'm sure that the discounts will ALWAYS be there! If it were me.....I would wait
Revamped X-Trail - Psybear
The existing Sport-X models are the same spec as the Sport, but with built-in spots in the roofrails (which are themselves slightly different), dark-tinted side glass, blue-trimmed upholstery, and slightly different alloy wheels. The X package is supposed to be £500 extra.

Where did you pick up your Sport from? Can you recommend a dealer?>> Psybear,
Revamped X-Trail - jd

Yeah, I like the look of the new roofbars. I saw an X-Trail at Center Parcs a few weeks ago and wondered about them - they look good with the spots in. I wonder if I could have them retro-fitted ?

Not sure about the dark glass though...

I got my 2.2 Sport from Bramalls in Bradford although I don't live there. They were able to offer at least a grand off any other offer I had because they have (had ?) some sort of promotion to businesses. Because I am self-employed I could buy it under the umbrella of this business scheme but to all intents and purposes it is a straighforward personal purchase. I also think it was the salesmans first X-Trail sale and he he was mighty keen .......

Revamped X-Trail - sbj
My wife and I want a reliable, diesel 4x4 for daily use and occasional towing. We have test driven the Nissan X Trail and Freelander - my wife preferred the Landrover due to its quieter TD4 engine and smooth gearbox. However, every article I come across indicated that the Freelander is totally unreliable. By comparison, the X Trail's engine seemed noisier.

Nissan UK have told me: ‘The upgraded Nissan X-trail 2.2dci engine is due to be released in the UK between December 2003 and January 2004. Exterior styling changes are very subtle, however the interior design has been refreshed and new trim materials have been adopted, however final pricing and specification details are still to be confirmed'

Auto Express are due to publish a road test report on the revamped X Trail this week. I may therefore delay until December – do let me know if you purchase as I am also looking for the best deal……
Revamped X-Trail - Psybear

I have ordered (several weeks ago now) but have not yet taken delivery of my new X-Trail Sport-X.

I thought very long and very hard about waiting for the revamped model but decided in the end that I would go with the current model, given the generous discount I got my my local dealer (£1500 ) and the uncertainty over whether I could get the same spec in the newer model for the same price.

I do have photos of the updated model and the exterior changes are indeed minimal.

Hopefully I will not regret my decision.

Revamped X-Trail - Dude - {P}
With the recent closer links between Nissan and Renault, are you sure the new 2.2 DCi engine is not sourced from Renault ???

After reading all the cases on this forum regarding Renault`s faults and problems, I would be placing my order elsewhere, - at least the Freelander has a decent BMW engine. !!!


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