Practicable advice (Veh ghosting) - Ghurkanick
I would like some practicable advice from other readers who may find themselves in this situation,now or previously.

My motorcycle has since new (3 Years) been ghosted or ringed whatever the correct term is. I have received 3 PCN's since obtaining the bike which i bought new from a main bike dealer. Two for bus lane violations (London) and one for parking (Nottingham). None of these offences were comitted by myself or my bike, as i have never let anyone borrow it.

For two of the charges i knew exactly where i was at the time and have sent written confirmation to Transport for London and Nottingham City Council, the former taking no further action and the latter still ongoing. I did live in London until recently but have never been to Nottingham.

I know that if buy new plates, that would sort the problem out but i do not feel that i should have to go through that expense.

I have spoken to my local police station and they informed me to write to DVLA and explain my situation, that would then flag up my registration as 'Ghosted' and i would be pulled over every time the plate check computer in the police car read it.

Is the best course of action? Who exactly at DVLA do i write to?
Any other advice greatly appreciated.
Practicable advice (Veh ghosting) - Dwight Van Driver
There seems little can be done until such time as the person who is riding around on your plates is caught.

It may be adviseable to keep a diary to prove where you were on particular days to prove that it was not your machine involved.

In the meantime follow the advice of your local Plod and write to Superintendent, Police Liasion Unit, DVLA, Swansea and give full information explaining your ownership of the bike, what and where has happened and request a marker be placed on your ownership file so that when Councils enquire as to vehicle ownership the possibility of cloning can be pointed out. Also seek advice on possibility of re-registering the machine on another VRM.

Don't worry about being stopped Plod will only be trying to find the bloke responsible (which is in your interest).


Practicable advice (Veh ghosting) - Pugugly {P}
Agree with DVD - why not buy a plate from DVLA (250 quid jobbie)
which would avoid all the awkward questions about re-registration come selling time.
Practicable advice (Veh ghosting) - GroovyChick{P}
I thought that DVLA Local Offices were obliged to allow a 'no charge' change of registration number in certain circumstances.
Surely this is a situation which would qualify for such treatment.


Practicable advice (Veh ghosting) - Ghurkanick
Have you any idea where you heard about this?

Practicable advice (Veh ghosting) - GroovyChick{P}
I'm going back maybe as far as 1998, but a friend of mine was having problems with the fact that a vehicle he had bought was getting unwanted attention from someone that had a grievance with the previous keeper.

The police advised my friend to change the registration number to avoid the vehicle being so easily recognised. He contacted the DVLA Local Office and explained the problem, they were very helpful and changed the registration number for a local mark within a few days at no charge.

Hope this helps you.
Practicable advice (Veh ghosting) - Ian (Cape Town)
Had this myself - there's a clone of my Opel Astra in Cape Town (see the backroom passim!). Lots of nice photies of a cra which wasn't mine ...
I eventually 'solved' the problem after speaking to plod, and sticking a noticable sticker front and back on my windows, and taking a photo, which was sent recorded delivery to the officer who suggested it.
He then kept it on file, my records were checked, and if no stickers, hey-presto, no summons!

I don't know how you could 'customise' your bike though ... but it's worht a thought.
Practicable advice (Veh ghosting) - Richard Turpin
Just happened to a chum of mine in London. Someone cloned his plate and HE got the tickets. He got a new number from DVLA after only a bit of hassle. I don't know whether it was free or not.

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