C2 - SteveH42
The C2 as mentioned in the news at the moment has caught my interest. However, I can't find any real info about the. The Car-by-car has very little on it, and the suggested prices there (starting at £5500) are far lower than those quoted in the news item. The Citroen site is absolutely useless - you have to look in concept cars to even find it mentioned and there are no concrete details. Can anyone point me at a site that has some technical details, equipment levels etc?

The car itself looks like a bit of a mixture between a Corolla, a Yaris and a Punto. Only question mark in my mind would be the legendary Citroen unreliability... (Although reports on here seem to suggest that's getting better?)
C2 - bartycrouch
I know they have dropped the prices before the launch, but I wonder how long it will be until it gets the full "NO VAT" discount?

Definitely a car to watch out for after the initial launch hype though.

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