Tyres - bugged {P}
The Beetle is coming close to needing all 4 tyres replacing,
I was told you can order and have them delivered to you over the internet? Has anyone had any experience with this???

The next bit is, if I do order them via the internet and get them cheaper etc etc, where can i get them fitted and how much should I be looking to pay???

Any help would be appreciated as i hate buying tyres.

Oh p.s, I would prefer a harder tyre than the continentals that are on it now as they are knackered in 22k miles,
and no i have not been driving like a looney ;-)
Tyres - Roger Jones
I would phone around for quotes from professional outfits such as Protyre (www.protyre.co.uk; Micheldever Tyre Services have some sort of affiliation with them), ATS, etc., rather than get involved in the hassle of home delivery and finding a good fitter, all for the sake of a few quid. As for choice of tyre, I've never bought anything but Michelin and have yet to regret it.
Tyres - RogerL
Michelins don't last like they used to. The XH1 on my Astra only lasted 18k, driven gently, compared to Continentals lasting 27k on previous Vauxhalls.
Tyres - DavidHM
Agree that I wouldn't bother having them delivered to one place and then fitted separately.

However, www.etyres.co.uk send a fitter with their tyres and they're generally cheaper than the big chains (although I might still phone around locally first).
Tyres - flatfour
As soon as I needed new tryes i changed Michelins for Goodyear, they lasted the same milage, now i'm on Fulda, made by Goodyear in Germany and to date they appear to be lasting even better and are nearly half the cost.
Tyres - Pugugly {P}
www.mytyres.co.uk -excellent service.
Tyres - ralphy
I'll second that, no problems with mytyres.co.uk ? and they're seriously cheap.
Tyres - Aprilia
I checked out their price on a set of four 205/15 x 15 VR NCT5's back in May. My local tyre dealer was able to beat them as a fitted price inc. valve and balancing!
Tyres - bugged {P}
thanks for that everyone will have a look this week!


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