amazing mileage !!!! - welshy
I was talking to a taxi driver today who I hired . He has a "K" plate Carlton 2.0i manual gearbox . He was saying that its the cars last week as a taxi as it is now to old , still on the same engine and gearbox etc.........just had one clutch...... oh the mileage ................502,000 miles !!!!!!! MY GOD ! ! ! ! Is that a record ?
amazing mileage !!!! - flatfour
Some cars do this, others are scrapped at 40k, I bet Citreon would be proud of this one. I think the record for high milers is held by a Volvo driver in the States, over 1000,000 in the same car.

Please let me buy one that will do 500k without problems, all mine are sourced from new and have loads of faults, got to try Japanese next.
amazing mileage !!!! - HisHonour {P}
My first ever car, a 1957 Beetle, had 198000 miles on the clock when I bought it in 1973. When it eventually fell apart in London in 1980 it had done over 485000 miles. Great car - no heater, no petrol gauge, would do 90 downhill though the speedo stopped at 70 (evidence given to me by following traffic police car on the M2). No car I have had since has been such fun.
amazing mileage !!!! - Cardew(USA)
1957 Beetle with no heater? Are you sure the vents weren't closed?

amazing mileage !!!! - J Bonington Jagworth
" over 1000,000 in the same car"

It was 2 million, apparently, in a P1800 coupe (the sort The Saint used to drive). The owner bought it new and had a long commute I believe, but even so, it took him 36 years! The long runs obviously helped, but he also changed the oil frequently, as HJ recommends...
amazing mileage !!!! - Hugo {P} my Renault Trafic's 184K is nothing then!

Let's hope it'll do at least another 200K.

Mechanically, the engine and box should last well if you service the car regularly. Yes vehicles will sound noisier, but if they're still returning good mpg and not burning the oil, they should go on for ever.

A colleague of mine bought his uncles ex taxi at 350K - a G reg Passat saloon, very pleased with it too apparently.

amazing mileage !!!! - lordwoody
There was a big article in Classic and Sportscar about the Volvo with mega-mileage. Volvo gave him a new car at one and two million miles, though he continued to use his P1800. Top Gear also ran a quest some years back to find the viewer with highest mileage car. I think the winner was a Merc. with 700+K but 2nd came ( I think) a Renault 21 with about 400K miles and , it was claimed, the original clutch!
Mega Miles - Nash
My father is still running a Merc 230E which he bought new in 1990. 6 years ago the mileage meter stopped working at which point the car had done 203k miles. Based on an average of 29k a year (what the car had done over the previous 7 years and its still used the same amount) the car is now at 377k miles, if my maths is correct! :-)

Other than the standard servicing the only thing that's gone wrong in all those miles is the mileage meter breaking. No rattles, no squeaks, nothing. Amazing car.

Anyone got any other mega mileage motors?
Mega Miles - v0n

[Thanks for the link v0n. Two threads combined.] DD
Mega Miles - Aprilia
Those Mercedes W124's were one of the best cars ever made IMHO. Very solid and virtually everlasting; about the only think that goes is the valve guides, and they are not expensive to fix. Most of that applies to the W201 series too.

Things started to go pear-shaped for MB in the mid-90's when they came out with the 2.2 motor (snapping head bolts and failed head gaskets). Then they introduced the W210 series (E-class) with 'stretched metal' technology - then the new E's and C's with all that electronics (not to mention those brakes!)

Merc's used to be very simple cars, executed to perfection. Not any more, I'm afraid.
Mega Miles - pdc {P}
Was told when I bought my car a year ago today that a woman in her 60s in Bolton is running around in a Mk1 Golf that she has had from new. Was close to 500,000 miles and when it hit that VW were going to give her a new Golf. They apparantly wanted the old one to see where they went wrong ;-) Well that's what the salesman told me!
Mega Miles - ajit
gree with you - Rode in a 500,000 km W124 250d Taxi in singapore - it felt tight and well put together. Jumped into a 3 yr old 32000 km e200 k w201 Mrc which was looking scrappy - the interior trim peeling, the air con failed. The plastics of my Honda looked better that the merc dash
Mega Miles - Woody
A few years back we called for a mini-cab one Saturday night and a rather tatty Citroen BX Estate pulled up.

It drove well though and had done 345,000 miles with only one new clutch and no engine work.

It was a non-turbo 1.9 Diesel and the driver claimed to religously change the oil every 4,000 miles.
Mega Miles - Aprilia
You mean E200 *W210* series, I think.
amazing mileage !!!! - Bagpuss
Highest I've seen personally was a W124 E-Class Mercedes taxi at Berlin airport a few years ago which had 875,000km on the clock. When travelling on business I regularly see W210 E-Class taxis with 400,000 - 500,000km showing.
amazing mileage !!!! - Captain Alex Zippy O' Toole
Is the W124 the 190/190E series?
amazing mileage !!!! - Chad.R
No its the "old" E class (before the double headlight model, the W210) - circa 1986-1995 or so.

amazing mileage !!!! - Aprilia
190E is W201. Bascially a slightly 'shrunken' W124 and used quite a few W124 parts. Both W201 and W124 represent the peak of MB's competence in my opinion. Up until about '93 the company was run by engineers. From around '93 onwards the company became more 'Anglo-Saxon' and they let the accounts take over - and it shows.
amazing mileage !!!! - 3500S
I remember two guys at my last place of work that both had 1983 Passat Mk1 estates and were trying to beat each other in terms of mega miles.

One of them had 295,000 miles on the clock, the other 275,000.

Never did find out what happened to them.
amazing mileage !!!! - Captain Alex Zippy O' Toole
190E is W201. Bascially a slightly 'shrunken' W124 and used
quite a few W124 parts. Both W201 and W124 represent
the peak of MB's competence in my opinion. Up until
about '93 the company was run by engineers. From around
'93 onwards the company became more 'Anglo-Saxon' and they let the
accounts take over - and it shows.

Ahh right, thanks for clearing that up.

My in-laws have a 190 (the normal 2 litre one, not the fuel injected model), it's a 1991 model so twelve years old, and nothing ever, ever, goes wrong with it. The bodywork is immaculate, the interior looks as good as new - it's a stunningly well built car.

It goes in for a routine service once a year, and as far as I can tell and that ever gets done is an oil and filter change.

Value my car