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Have had my superb Lexus 200 for nearly two years, but now miss front wheel drive (for extra traction in dodgy weather) and hatchback/5th door (for convenience) with split rear seats set up for occasional awkward loads. HJ refers to "uncorrupted" steering (also with most Mercedes and BMW models) and, of course, the rear wheel drive set up gives a beautifully balanced car. But advantages of engine over driving wheels seem (to me) to outweigh cons ..
I know it's down to personal preference, but I'll be very interested in comments from BRs on this wonderfully informative site.

El Hacko
driving which wheels - Vagelis
In my opinion, RWD cars usually offer better weight distribution, since the manufacturer can position the various transmission parts in a better way.

But other than that, I think FWD cars offer many more advantages, with the most important beeing that it's easier to find your way out from tricky conditions.

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Have a test drive in a Jag X Type - no hatchback but an estate model due soon - the 4wd is like being on rails on corners.
driving which wheels - El Hacko
fine, but I don't need or want an estate-length vehicle - seems that with front wheel drive design you get more cabin, as well as "boot" space, too (neither are generous on the Lexus 200). For average motoring needs, I reckon the better grip of fwd is sufficient without going for 4wd, a set up which must add much more weight.
Fink I'll be looking at the Toyota Avensis next.

El Hacko
driving which wheels - nick
Buy a Subaru. 4WD is undoubtedly best and safest too. Better grip, corners like on rails, better in the wet etc etc

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