BMW Pop Up - Aprilia
I have never actually seen this pop-up that people are talking about? Where/when does it appear?
BMW Pop Up - eMBe {P}
How many of you have actually clicked on the BMW pop-up?>>HJ>>

Yes I have. Even though the site is on my favourites (because I am an owner), I find it convenient to click thru to BMW via HJ.

I doubt whether the BMW & Bangle haters will visit, though ! ;-)

Aprilia: you are missing out probably due to your software security setting blocking ads.

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BMW Pop Up - 8 ball
Like Aprilia I haven't seen the pop up but as I'm looking forward to the UK launch of the new 5 (Sept 17 or 18) I'd like to visit the website.
Why does everybody give Chris Bangle such a hard time? If no-one innovated we'd still be in horseless carriages and living in (not mock) Tudor houses. Anyway BMW's a German company so who cares if the five flops? There's always Mercedes or Lexus, or Jaguar in the same sector. Personally I'm going to wait to see it in the flesh and drive it before passing judgment and deciding whether to buy one or not.
Can you supply the website address please, HJ?

8 ball
BMW Pop Up - Dynamic Dave
Pop up here:-

Website here:-
BMW Pop Up - J Bonington Jagworth
Some of us have software to prevent pop-ups (it's a configurable option in Opera) because they are so annoying. Nothing subversive, HJ - it's just that the mechanism get abused, so perhaps BMW should look for another method of grabbing our attention...
BMW Pop Up - SteveH42
It is possible that later we may have to reconfigure the
site to force visitors to see ads before they get to
the things they want to see, a bit like ITV.

Not really a problem as long as you do it so it works on all browsers. Daewoo's site for a long time tried to force people to go through a 'trailer' before they could get in, but this only worked on IE and their website people basically gave up in the end as they couldn't configure their software to recognise anything else.
BMW Pop Up - SteveH42
I'm afraid that after many run-ins on other sites and with spam emails, I've switched to Mozilla and told it not to open any unrequested windows, so like many others I don't get the pop-ups. I'm afraid that so many other sites are forcing people to go down this sort of route that if you want an advert to be visible to all you really need to put it on the main page.

Something I was wondering about all this advert and site revenue thing, do you get paid per click, or just for having the ads up? If we can help pay for the site by clicking on ads whether we are interested or not then I'm sure many others would join me in clicking away for a minute or so per day to help out.
BMW Pop Up - Pugugly {P}
Mmm - I like it (the 5) that is - as my "old" style 5 is slowly growing on me, I may well get one when this one's up for replacement.....Can't win with some people though, they pontificate about how bland and ubiquitous BMs have become and hten moan when Mr B pens an uniquely daring design. Pop ups don't bother me.
BMW Pop Up - Cyd
At the moment I am paying to supress pop-ups (combined might of AOL 8 and Zone Alarm Pro 4). I'd sooner pay for pop-up-free access than pop-up preventing software.

So, no I haven't seen it.
BMW Pop Up - Stargazer {P}
Sorry HJ,

But not using any MicroSoft software to browse the web many popups and external site simply crash my web browser. I havent seen the BMW ad (will look via DD\'s link though) but I must say that I have tried to support the ad campaign (the fixed ones that stay on the page) and I am unimpressed by the number of advertisers web site that simply crash or hang my browser. Advertisers really should check their pages against the www standards and not rely so much on wizzy gadgets that dont work outside IE6.


Ian L.
BMW Pop Up - blank

Seen it, clicked it and it is, as you assert, interesting and worth a visit.

I understand the need to have the advertising but it would be nice, once I have visited the site, if the bombardment would cease.

BMW Pop Up - eMBe {P}
As Mark(RLBS) has promised to zap discusions of pop-ups, I shall not say anymore about that. However, on the question of making some money for HJ from this site:

a. IIRC, it has previously been said that HJ would not say no to any donations either from visitors who feel they have gained from the advice given here, or from regular addicts who do not wish to see the demise of this excellent forum. So, feel free to send him a tenner every now and then. (A system of making these donations exists on other free sites, as has been discussed previously.)

b. HJ indicates that the Glass's ad has not had as much success as he would have hoped for. That could be because some posters give out free valuations, or because the autotrader ad allows you free research, or because as HJ suspects people want things for free on the internet.

I do have one question about the "usedcarchecks". Why should one want to get their inspection for £99 if they only get a 45 day warranty, when there is a free 6 month statutory warranty? Now, if usedcarchecks said instead that their warranty would run 45 days additionally after the expiry of the statutory 6 months, then I can see sense in it.
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BMW Pop Up - DavidHM
a. Not unreasonable; PayPal lets you do it but I can see why HJ might feel that a voluntary donation system would put off advertisers who would see the site as distinctly amateurish.

b. Glass's guide valuations are still much more useful as a bargaining chip in negotiations than being able to say that 'I can get this car £75 cheaper 200 miles away' - maybe we should stress this more.

c. Well you didn't call it c. but I think it's a separate point. Why would you want a warranty from an inspection firm? Firstly, it's a question of whom you would rather sue and/or enforce against - a national company with a certain amount of insurance backing, or a dodgy dealer who takes things personally; secondly there is not a six month statutory warranty but a duty on the seller to show that any beach of the fitness terms of SOGA was not present at the time of sale - of which a clear inspection would unfortunately be very good evidence; and thirdly, this company is at least as cheap as its rivals and is the only one without even more onerous exclusion clauses.
6 month SOGA protection - eMBe {P}
>>>> secondly there is not a six month statutory warranty >>

I know, not strictly. All but in name, and easier to refer to it that way.
but a duty on the seller to show that any
beach of the fitness terms of SOGA was not present at
the time of sale - of which a clear inspection would
unfortunately be very good evidence

So, if you get it inspected, you lose out on the 6 months free SOGA protection, and you have paid £99 to relieve the trader of that risk. I can understand why the trader might want to pay for the usedcarcheck to protect himself. I would rather not have the car inspected, because then if something goes wrong before the end of 6 months, I can use the statutory SOGA protection.

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6 month SOGA protection - eMBe {P}
usedcarchecks: perhaps the a wise tactic to use is to get the car inspectred 25weeks after you have bought it, and get any defects repaired under the 6month SOGA rules, and you then still have the benefit of 45 days warranty from usedcarchecks.
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6 month SOGA protection - DavidHM
Exactly - as long as you are only keeping the car six months and are 100% confident of being able to enforce the implied warranty against the trader. In my opinion, that loophole is a minor disadvantage in the risk profile though.

If the seller won't play ball and you don't have the time or energy to sue, or can't pay up front for the repairs and then sue to get the money back, or he can still somehow show that the fault wasn't there (admittedly, the burden of proof is deliberately high for the trader), or you are out of the six month period, the implied warranty isn't worth the paper it's not written on.

Unless you feel that your car inspection skills approach that of a professional - and you might, but lots won't - then I think you're still better off with an inspection than the SOGA protection. Most people would rather know that a car is a good one, and be able to get minor faults that are found fixed at the time of sale as part of the deal, than knowing you'd be able to sue if the car goes bang three months down the line.

Also an inspection should pick up on things like repaired accident damage (that might not cause a write off for HPI to find) and possibly mileage inconsistent with wear that would be completely irrelevant to the SOGA without further evidence.
new bmw advert - harry m
just seen the advert on the site very impressive.


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