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Have noticed that with the dash readout showing an outside temperature of 25c.the air con,(not full climate control) still copes well in suppling cold air,but the front windows mist up after a while to the extent that I had to open them to see out and to check the mirrors.I find this strange as the air con is great in clearing the insides of the windows at other times,any answers please?.

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What could be happening is
The compressor runs, the system gets cold, this cools the glass and then the compressor cuts out, and something happens that shouldn' refridgerant (heated in the pipes of the engine bay, comes back into the evaporator and heats all the condesation on it which then blows onto the cold glass and condenses.

This may be an expansion valve or something, an aircon specialist will be able to advise.
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Water in the car somewhere:

1. Leaking heater matrix
2. Condensate drain is blocked
3. Leaking into car from windscreen seal etc. (are carpets damp?)
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I thought I had this problem until I realised that the cold air directed onto the windows was causing water in the atmpsphere to condense on the OUTSIDE of the windows. Presumably you have a different problem?
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The bottom of the front windscreen and side front windows (near the vents) sometimes mist up on the OUTSIDE if it is very hot outside and the air-con is set very cold inside.

Never happened to me in UK but has happened in US, HK or Oz where outside temperature can be as high as 35 deg. C.
Air Conditioning - Aprilia
Never happened to me in UK but has happened in US,
HK or Oz where outside temperature can be as high as
35 deg. C.


Where've you been lately... ;-)

BTW - have you ever changed the pollen filter on the QX ? - I'm wondering about checking mine.
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My 1995 QX does not have a pollen filter, according to Nissan's part computer with reference to my number plate. You can check by giving your number plate to Nissan's Parts, presumably yours is a UK car. Later models may have one.
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I have a 1996 UK brochure which makes much play of the fact that a pollen filter is fitted. Mine's a '98 car and I have a set of '98 microfiche, so I'll check it out.
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I believe the specification has changed continuously throughout the car's lifespan - trip computer, centre-rear 3-point seatbelt, memory on the electric seats, etc. were not available on my car (car journalist commented on these at launch) but were available later on.
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Are you sure that the system isn't set to recirculate?
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I would guess your air con is cycling and when it cycles off the water still collecting in the a/c system is circulated into the car. even my climate controlled system does this to a degree but not to the point of misting. I would look @ your air con drain pipe to see if it is absolutely clear so it drains properly.

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