The Ride Home - THe Growler
Won't be too many empty motel rooms in Milwaukee next weekend for the Harley-Davidson 100th Birthday celebrations. Talking to my HD dealership pal and he says the authorities are preparing for up to one million visitors and an awful lot of motorcycles.
The Ride Home - Cardew
Let us hope that there won't be as many accidents as the last 'Biker's Week' at Daytona. However you can ride without a helmet in Florida; not sure about Wisconsin.

There were thousands of bikes, albeit not all Harleys, and all I saw were driven in sedate cruising mode.

The Ride Home - THe Growler
Makes our little Bike Week with a mere 2,000 bikes a few months ago look puny.

However, I could happily give a cheerful Italian salute to that Mark whatever who thinks he's so clever on that TV programme restoring a wartime WLC, there were at least 3 at our bash, all put back lovingly together by little guys in their back yards to original specs. They didn't get paid a cent for their troubles, did it all for love and not a TV camera in sight. But then as we all know 98.765% of TV is garbage.

I would like to have made it to Juneau Ave, but a long way to go and I refuse to fly economy these days so it comes expensive.
One of my pals is, maybe I can post some pix when he gets back.


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