Catalytic converters - do pre '1995 cars need them - Paul Whitehead

My '91 Volvo 940's Cat is fine, but when it's knackered do I need to replace it?

Although my Volvo and many other cars were fitted Cats, I understand that due to delayed regulation, only cars registered after {around } 1995 need cats.

Can I replace it with a straight pipe and still pass the MoT?

Are such straight pipes available off the shelf, or would it be a custom job?

Or should I get shut before the Cat is a goosed?


Paul Whitehead,
Re: Catalytic converters - do pre '1995 cars need - Guy Lacey
It seems straight forward but methinks not.

1991 J and below can run without a cat - full-stop.

Some models (as explained by HJ earlier in the threads) had extensions and can run without a cat if made post-91-J but I'm not sure of the detail.

If your car is a 91 J then I would say dump the cat but best to check with your local MOT testing station first, after all, they will be the ones failing you if you take it off.

I think, and I may be wrong, wrong, wrong - that there are very few cars (UK only - not import) with a factory fitted cat that do not legally require one.
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yea its not just the "can i legally run wihtout a cat" bit...

its also the engine will be set up for a certain amount of pressure from the exaust system, and removing the cat and replacing with plain pipe may change significantly
Re: Catalytic converters - do pre '1995 cars need - Andy Bairsto
It is not against any law to run any vehicle without a cat.The only stipulation is that it meets the emission criteria of that model of vehicle .The simplest but costliest way is to fit a cat ,and by doing so increasing dangerous polutents into the air.The best way is to use a lean burn engine.Ford has produced engines far cleaner than any cat engine but regs in America do not make it a viable propsition.When you travel to the old eastern block ,middle and far east you see what a mockery all these regs we have in Europe are.I think one Indian bus polutes about the same as 20000 fiestas
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The (latest) thread you're looking for is:

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Bugwash, your post has nothing whatsoever to do with Paul Whithead's thread about cats on pre August 1992 cars.

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Just spotted this.

The link has nothing to do with cats?

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