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I own a 2001 Rover 75 2.0 CDT auto. This car uses the BMW 2.0 litre diesel engine. In June this year the engine began running rough on idle and cutting out. The problem became worse and eventually it was diagnosed as a faulty pressure sensor in the high pressure fuel rail. After replacement the engine was fine. A few weeks later, in July, the identical problem returned while I was on holiday. The local dealer misdiagnosed the problem as fuel contamination but the sensor had failed again. After replacement the engine was fine again. Now, a few weeks later, the same problem has returned again. What can be causing repeated failure of this pressure sensor?

Rover 75 - diesel engine problem - bernie
I know it sound unlikely,but maybe there is a whole batch of faulty sensors just waiting to fail in a short period.

Just look at the VAG ignition coil fiasco !
Rover 75 - diesel engine problem - Altea Ego
Whilst of course it is entirely possible that a whole batch of faulty sensors may be involved, one must also look for other reasons for this. I fear your dealer will look at the next item in the chain (the thing the sensor is conected to) and say "Needs a new ECU guv" "Its blowin the sensors" Now this may be possible, but unlikely. As its temporarily fixed when sensors are changed, I would look for faulty wiring near the sensor, the connector maybe, or rubbing on something and shorting to ground.
Rover 75 - diesel engine problem - DL
High pressure pump problem, perhaps?
Rover 75 - diesel engine problem - Dizzy {P}

I think Renault Family makes some very good points re: bad connection or shorting, although these ought to have affected the full engine power/speed range. From the way the engine behaved, do you think that the sensor worked OK at higher pressures but gave out incorrect signals at lower levels, i.e. only when the engine was idling? Since accuracy of injection relies on the pressure that is sensed I feel sure you would have known if the problem existed at speeds other than idle, especially if the sensor had terminally failed.

I assume that the same sensor is used in the BMW 320d since it will almost certainly be a proprietary part from whoever makes the injection system (I assume Bosch but could be Delphi, Denso or whoever). Have any of you 320d-owning Backroomers come across pressure-sensor problems with BMWs?


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