AX head gasket tips - Richard Hall
Hi everyone

I'm in the middle of changing the head gasket on a Citroen AX10 (alloy block, wet liners). The old gasket failed due to a crack in the gasket across the oil feed to the head - oil everywhere, but no overheating problems. Before I put it all back together, does anyone have any useful tips for this engine, things I should look out for on reassembly? It's not a difficult job so far, but I don't want to have to do it twice...

Incidentally, at 96K the inside of this engine is immaculate, no wear ridge on the cylinder bores and the cam lobes are totally unmarked. It's had 6,000 mile oil changes from new, and if I wasn't already convinced that this is a good idea, I would be now.

Richard Hall
AX head gasket tips - DL
Keep everything clean and torque the head down accurately......that\'s about it.

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