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We're looking to replace our Omega Estate, and with three children (7,5,1 yrs) need a full five-seater. As well as the third diagonal rear seat belt being essential, I wonder - is it 'ergonomically correct' to consign one of our children to sit on the central portion of the rear seat - what is essentially an armrest?
Question too tough eh? - steve kiddy
Question too tough eh?
RE: third rear passenger seat - Neil Cater
You could try the Fiat Multipla, or indeed any MPV that has independent seats, so that there is no armrest to sit on. Also, the Multipla comes with three-point belts for all six seats.
RE: third rear passenger seat - steve kiddy
Thanks for your interest Neil.
Yes, I'm aware of MPVs and to be honest was hoping to avoid them. The question was actually prompted by the Mercedes E-Class Estate where the central 'seat' is rock hard - virtually too hard to sit on comfortably at all.
It was this that prompted the more general question of "ergonomic correctness" of these type of seats.

Sorry, but the Multipla is ugly. I know it gets excellent reports, but it's still ugly.
Anyone have any views on the Chrysler Voyager 6-seater?

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There's no point arguing against the ugliness of the Multipla - even with alloys and body-coloured bumpers the car still has an air of monstrosity. The wealth of design talent that must have been available within the Fiat group before the loss of da Silva to SEAT must surely have been able to recognise that something somewhere was out of balance with the Multipla. In Engineering, form typically follows function. In the Multipla we have an exception: functionally brilliant but stylistically challenged.

What Car ( had a recent comfort test that may shed some light on non-MPV alternatives.
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I guess that Steve probably doesn't realise he's asking the backroom readers rather than me because he sent his message to the wrong address.

The Multipla's good. So also are the Picasso and the new Honda Civic, both of which have walk through cabins allowing an adult in the front seat to walk through to the back and attend to sprogs, re-attach seatbelt buckles, mop up sick, etc.

RE: third rear passenger seat - steve kiddy
Thank you Sir. - I wrote here to canvas the greater opinion, having noticed that you too do read and contribute.



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