Late Mk1 Mondeo timing belt tensioners - blank
Hello all:

My 1999 Mondeo 1.6LX is now approaching 70k miles. I plan to have the cambelt changed at the 70k service, about 12 months and 10k miles ahead of the Ford recommended interval.

I was told by my (independent) garage man that I need a cambelt change kit, not just a belt. My F-i-L works for a Ford dealer, so can source parts with a discount, so I asked him to get me one. The advice from his parts counter is that a kit is not provided for this model because the tensioner has been improved and does not need changing - only the belt itself is required.

Clearly I don't want to run a significant risk of tensioner failure, but equally I don't want to waste money buying parts that are not needed!

What do y'all think or know?

Late Mk1 Mondeo timing belt tensioners - DavidHM
It depends how risk averse you are. Personally though, given that the tensioners are going to cost you £20 or so, compared to however much for a new engine, even a 3% chance of failure over the next 50k means you're ahead. And given how much easier it is to afford a £20 part than a £700 recon...

There is no way in hell that Ford would look at your 120k Mondeo and say "We thought we'd improved the tensioners and they didn't need replacing, but we were wrong, so have a new engine on us."

If you were going to sell the car and just wanted to point to a belt change having been done, I'd say not to bother if you're that kind of person, but assuming the car is a keeper, there is no point in minimising expenditure to quite that extent.
Late Mk1 Mondeo timing belt tensioners - tac
hi andy is the rocker cover on your mondy black or silver . if it is black the belt is not due till 100k . there is no recomendation from ford to change the tensioner , because its totaly differant to the old type . when the belt is changed the tensioner shoul be checked for play or noise if so change it
Late Mk1 Mondeo timing belt tensioners - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
The advice I would give you as a customer is regardless of whether it is either the early or late engine then the belt, tensioner and guide pullies should be changed at at the next service(70k). I would also replace the water pump and auxiliary belt as a matter of course as it only adds 10 minutes or so to the job at this stage. If it were my own vehicle and it were the earlier engine then it would be approaching its second belt change at this mileage.

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Late Mk1 Mondeo timing belt tensioners - blank
Thanks David, Andrew and tac for the comments and help. The tensioner is £23 before the FiL's discount and I will look into the price of the water pump and aux belt. I like the idea of changing these as well because I lost the water pump on our Polo only 10k after the cambelt and tensioner change! I am sure David that you are right about the chances of Ford paying out int he event of a failure. I expect to reach 120k in 2 years and keep the car a year or two longer than that, so a change is probably the best plan.

tac -the cam cover is black, but the handbook clearly states a change interval for the cambelt of 80k miles or 5 years. CAn you enlighten further?

Late Mk1 Mondeo timing belt tensioners - Galaxy
In the later handbooks it says 100,000 miles or 10 years for life of cambelt with the later type of engine (black cam cover). However, I don't think that I'd let mine go that far; would probably go along with Andrew's recomendation regardless of what the handbook says.

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