How many QX in this forum? - Gazza
Just wondering, how many QX owners are there on this forum? (Other than Aprilla and I)

I have an slight glitch with the interior dash-light adjustor. I have never used it until these very sunny days and I just noticed it does not adjust, after driving it for 20k! Nothing major but would like to repair it (at near zero cost) if possible. I am handy with soldering.

I have just found out the servicing costs differential for my QX at different main dealer! All price inc. VAT.
Place / Oil-service(A) / Minor(B) / Major(C)
Cambridge / ~180 / ~300 / ~450
Near M25 J26 / ~69 / ~119 / ~189
Near M20 J12 / ~59 / ~119 / ~159
How many QX in this forum? - Dude - {P}
Not too familiar with the QX, which I understand ceased production in 2000, and would like to know if Nissan have replaced this model at all???

I certainly hope after their recent links with Renault, we don`t see them re-badging their French equivalents, which could inflict serious damage on the good reputation of Nissan
How many QX in this forum? - trancer
Unless I am mistaken, the Nissan QX is called a Maxima in other markets and the Maxima has continued past MY 2000 with the most recent model being introduced this year as a 2004 model. This latest model looks the best thus far even with its odd longitudinal "skyroof"...which looks like a wrong way round moonroof, or is it sunroof?. I can never tell the difference.

Maybe you can figure it out.,,20360,...l
How many QX in this forum? - Aprilia
Hi Gazza

I trust your QX is running well. I am highly delighted with mine. As you pointed out to me pre-purchase, the 2.0 is no ball of fire, but the car is very roomy and comfortable and is proving a great work-horse for lugging my three children about. So far not a single glitch with it - solid as a rock, very quiet and a wonderfully smooth engine. The recent hot spell has also highlighted how powerful the climate control is - I had chillblains in my knuckles when it was 30+ outside! The car was ridiculously cheap and I am so sad that Nissan have chosen to discontinue the model in the UK - I won't know what to replace it with. The 2004 US model ('Maxima') is a superb looking car and by all accounts orders are strong.

As regards your rheostat problem (dimmer) - I have fixed these in the past on other cars. They are usually a wire-wound rheostat - the winding contacts or the wiper contact can oxidise and fail to make a good contact. Simple cleaning usually puts matters right. It could be a wiring fault - but unlikely.

I now have a full factory technical manual for the car (all model years) so if you would like futher info then please get in touch with me and I will be happy to help.
How many QX in this forum? - Gazza
Hi Aprilia,

My QX is running very well, thank you, and I guess yours is as well. The Max is still on sale in UK for your information but Nissan is considering not bringing in the new model in 2004. If true, then that would be a shame. Thank you very much your advice with the dash-light dimmer also, I shall look into it when I have time.

Is your factory manual in paper or CD format? I wouldn't mind a copy if it is CD. I am going to the 7th September meet so if you are going as well, we can exchange it then.

How many QX in this forum? - Aprilia
Where have you seen QX/Maxima for sale in the UK? I thought they had stopped selling it here in 2000 (that's what my dealer told me, anyway). I would be interested if you know of a dealer that has a new one in stock.

My manual is a Nissan factory manual on CD and is for the US-Maxima A32 - essentially the same at our A32, with some differences as regards the climate control. I also have a set of UK QX spare parts microfiche - handy for seeing how things fit together.

I am not going to the meeting, but if you give me some contact details I will get a CD to you.
How many QX in this forum? - Gazza
A33 has been on sale since 2000/2001. You can look it up in Car-By-Car Breakdown. It is more rare than A32, using the same engine and gearbox as A32 but even more expensive when new. I guess that explained why A33 could not sell.

Anyway, if you would email me on, we can chat from there.

How many QX in this forum? - blank
Probably 2!!
How many QX in this forum? - Vario
Make that 3.
I have been running a 1996 QX 2.0 SE Auto for nearly 4 years.
No faults at all during this period. Only thing replaced apart from routine service items was the Alternator Belt. Thats it.
I too will be trying to find another in a year or so to replace it. If none are available I will run this one until it drops, which sounds like will be somewhile yet. (purchased with 40k miles, presently approx 100k)
How many QX in this forum? - Gazza
If you take care if it, it will probably last a life time.

A Maxima QX taxi in Germany has clocked over 1 million KM on original engine and gearbox.

I make that around 621k miles.
How many QX in this forum? - Aprilia
There seem to be plenty in the US and Canada with 200-300K on them and still all original. Mine has yet to reach 30k, so I'm hoping there's a few years left in it yet.
How many QX in this forum? - Gazza
Mine has done 112k. Also sorry that I have not replied your mail yet, Aprilia. I shall do so on Thursday or Friday when I get a little free time.

FYI! I have just been rear-ended at 5.30pm today on Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach by an agressive and unreasonable motorist (He would not even give me his address, despite asking twice. However, he is bigger than me and quite aggressive so I did not argue).

It was a black, blackened windows car, with an unreadable plate. It could be EDZ113 or BDZ113 or EDZ1B or BDZ1B. It could be a Toyota or Lexus but I am not sure. If anyone can make out what car and plate it should be, or witness the accident, please contact me.

I have contacted the Police, insurance company and my solicitor.

Value my car