How many ? - welshy
Any car salesmen on here ? If there are , how many cars is your target for month ? Do you have difficulty gaining your target ?
How many ? - mab23

I was chatting to a car salesman once at . He claimed he got 8k basic and 100 pound commission per car sold (whether the car was 10k or 100k), and sold around 20-30 cars a month.

That's 32k to 44k a year.

Now he could have been telling me complete porkies...

How many ? - Phoenicks
I did it once (horrible job - only did it because i love cars - it nearly ruined that interest).

Low basic. Long hours. not many days off.

I have a friend who worked for Merc Direct. I did Vauxhall main dealer. We used to chat about it.

20+ on a Good month. 12 on an average month. Some months quieter than others.

As a main dealer, mine was a percentage of price sold. My friends was a set amount. However, as a main dealer they would take into account the part ex price as well so if you gave a customer a great deal on the Vauxhall and too much for his part ex you wouldnt get anything. Its the Net result of the whole deal taking into account the Main Sale Car and the Part Ex that counted. Bit of a nightmare.

£30k+ is feasible but he's probably good at it, and if he can maintain 20+ cars a months he very good at it. What dealer/garage/Trade Supermarket did he work for?

If you're going to buy a new car go to the main dealer on a cold,wet wednesday afternoon at the beginning of the month - December is probably a good one. The salesman will be crying out for a deal and you'll probably get a great one.

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