£5000 to spend,what to buy? - lordwoody
I need to buy a car up to £5000 max,. preferably a bit less. I've had and liked Saab 9000s but wife says they look dated. Any other larger, comfortable cars which aren't too slow anyone can suggest. Is this too little to spend on a BMW to get a decent one? Help me please!
£5000 to spend,what to buy? - AngryJonny
I have an BMW 525i (E34 model) which I've been very happy with. They're pretty reliable but expensive to fix if and when something does go wrong. For 5 grand you're looking at a late (L-M reg) E34, or maybe even an early E39. The new 5 is out pretty soon so used prices are dropping in sympathy at the moment.

For that money you'd get something nice from a Japanese manufacturer too. A Galant or a Camry or something.
£5000 to spend,what to buy? - DavidHM
An early 9-5 is available for that money.

An E39 is just about achievable, if you don't mind solid navy blue, steel wheels, 150k, 520i at auction. Or ex police, which amounts to the same thing.

Otherwise, if you're not bothered about badge prestige, and can find one, a Galant or Nissan QX should be available, 98-99.

You won't get a decent late A6 or E-Class, or even a pretty poor one. Audi A4s aren't popular with the six cylinder engine but are worth a look, and I'd consider a Passat too.
£5000 to spend,what to buy? - PB
If you are in the South of England you may want to contact me about my Mazda Xedos 9 which could be exactly what you are looking for and went in Autotrader today. Use the embedded link for Autotrader and find a 70k miles one at your price point.
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