A class servicing - philip hamson
honest johns comments in saturdays telegraph motoring suppplement spot on about high prices of oil etc to make some rich and feel important. To keep my mobilo life warranty my a class needs the MB stamp at service time but no one said it had to be a MB uk stamp. So i have it serviced in france get the stamp and all for half price. The local dealer does not want even to discuss discount on servicing even though under the fairly bulletproof mobilo life warranty he would be likely to have to do the work if anything goes wrong though to date the car has been bullet proof with 82 mpg obtained recently in france!! Or am i missing something?? Also what about changing the engine oil and filter halfway through between services without touching the service countdown device? Or is the synthetic so good and the oil filter so fine on this common rail that i dont need to bother?
Don't bother - David Lacey
Personally, I wouldn't bother to change it in between service visits.
Modern DI Diesel engines don't seem to soot up their engine oil as older IDI models did.

Far better to spend the money saved on a few pints down the local eh?.........


Re: A class servicing - Andy Gayle
Hi all,

Remember MB usually state that the engine oil is replaced at least once a year. I would follow that even if you do not do the millage. On those A class's the oil filter is only small. And may over extended periods collasped.

On the earlier 230e 123cars, they used a pop in paper catridge filter, and they suffered problems when left in for long periods of time.

Anyway time will tell.


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