Terribly boring mpg question... - Rob the Bus {P}
Not too sure whether this should be here, or in Technical. I'm sure the powers that be will move it if need be ;-)

Anyway, I am driving from the South East to the North West and back this weekend, a round trip of about 520 miles, with about 50 miles of faffing about up there. The car I'll be driving is a 1992 Astra 1.7D (yes, *that* Astra...) and I generally never go above 65 ish - I certainly don't scream down the motorway like a loon.

Does anybody out there know roughly how much this trip will cost me diesel-wise please? I'm terrible with figures (you should see mine!) so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks all


Terribly boring mpg question... - Dan J
Will try and put my maths abilities to the test here :o)

We'll take it the car is doing 45mpg which chances are it's prob doing a bit better but better to be conservative...

So...570 miles divided by 45mpg = 12.67 gallons used

There are 4.546 litres in a (imperial) gallon and so the cost of a gallon is roughly...

4.546 multiplied by 0.77pence per litre = £3.50/gallon

Therefore multiply the two...

12.67 gallons x £3.50 and you get £44.35 so budget 50 for the safe side!
Terribly boring mpg question... - Dan J
Though I would say, I bet you'd do it with 40 quid's worth of diesel but better to play safe...

Now if you can get some nice red dyed farm diesel that's a different matter :o)
Terribly boring mpg question... - LongDriver {P}
Assuming 40mpg and £3.40 per gallon (74.9p per litre)...you'll not get much change out of £50
Terribly boring mpg question... - Dan J
I can get 40mpg out of my petrol Vectra if I wear cotton wool on my feet (so usually 30!) - hopefully Rob's 1.7D Astra should be doing maybe even in excess of 50, was just "playing safe" with figures as regards 45 to the gall...
Terribly boring mpg question... - Hugo {P}
This is all very well but how much would it cost him in vegatable oil? ;)

That Astra is so famous now you could probably get the trip sponsered by HJ himself!

Terribly boring mpg question... - Big John

A few years ago my newish (1991!) Astra 1.7D (original Vaux engine - not turbo) only achieved low 40's mpg not much better than the Astra 1.3L petrol that preceeded it (39 mpg)
Terribly boring mpg question... - Rob the Bus {P}
Well, thanks for your help guys.

I've been and come back now and used about £35 of diesel and done just over 600 miles. That doesn't sound too bad to me!


Terribly boring mpg question... - jeds
About 58 miles per gallon. I can get 58 mpg out of my Passat but only if I talk to it really nicely.

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