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After speeding, comes parking... - Mark (Brazil)
Yellow lines painted under parked car

A motorist has told of his disbelief at discovering that council contractors painted double yellow lines under his car - while it was parked. Philip Peters, 60, said he was stunned to find that workers had winched his Peugeot 406 off the ground - along with a neighbour's BMW - so that they could paint the lines in. Traffic wardens working for Westminster Council later saw his car, which was parked outside his shop in Queen's Park, west London, and issued a parking ticket
Re: After speeding, comes parking... - Jonathan
As far as I am aware, you cannot be prosecuted for an offence retrospectively if it was legal at the time.

Did they cause any paint to stick to his vehicle? He should pursue

He should appeal against this.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


Re: After speeding, comes parking... - Hedley
The only thing that suprises me about this is that they did not tow his car away and charge him for THAT as well.
Re: After speeding, comes parking... - Michael
did anyone see the documentary about parking around wembley stadium earlier this year? There are different parking restricitions on the day of major events to other days. To aid the change in rules the signs on lamposts are hinged and can be lifted up or down to display different parking times. Also, local council workers are supposed to put up restricted parking signs the day before the event to ensure no-one is caught out. What actually happens is that motorists park their cars, legitimately, on the day, then along comes the council worker, late and behind schedule, and changes the sign. The car is now parked in a no parking zone. Along comes the parking warden, blissfully unaware that the signs were changed late and issues a ticket. The council also operate a zero tolerance policy on event days, so any car parked illegally is lifted onto the transporter and moved to the compound. Similarly, the compound operator (local council) has a zero tolerance approach when the driver arrives to collect the car. The fine (around £100) has to be paid before the car is released. All complaints have to be in writing and will be considered by another dept. The victims in the documentary were holidaymakers from abroad and vistors to the area. All had parked correctly, all were victims of the council, all had to pay the fine and appeal later. There was no master plan to catch motorists it was just poorly co-ordinated activities by the local council causing misery to dozens of innocent people.
Re: After speeding, comes parking... - John Davis
This mindboggling episode shows just how far "authority" has gone down the road of arrogance and incompetence. Of course, the "operators" of this painting job should now be sacked and, also, the "official" who sanctioned the job in the first place without any pre-warning, signing etc to inform the public of what was to happen. Thankfully, this high & mighty "authority" have now cancelled the fine on the unfortunate motorist but, without some stiff sanction on them, as a result of this stupidity, they are free to, and, no doubt will, repeat their lunatic activities.
Re: After speeding, comes parking... - Nick Ireland
They have now cleared this up, with a lot of snivelling and dragging of feet! The lines were painted, ready for parking restrictions due to start 1st September. The lines were in place but not valid and the poles were in place but did not have the parking restriction plates on them, so the 'offence' did not exist and the ticket has been withdrawn. 'An over-zealous parking attendant, working outside his/her normal area of responsibility issued a ticket'.
Re: After speeding, comes parking... - Antony
I find it hard to believe that in the original case in question, the council is actually permitted to hoist up a car of their own free will to paint underneath. Is this allowed?! It`s private property after all.
Re: After speeding, comes parking... - Michael
in our area, they cone off the road and put advance warning notices. Anyone ignoring the warnings or cones is liable to be moved by the contractor (better than a yellow stripe on the roof).

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