main dealer servicing - flatfour
Having owned my car from new and expect to change when 4 years old having done 180 000 miles, will I get a better trade in or resale price from having a main dealer service history, or am I just wasting money?
main dealer servicing - DavidHM
Assuming you've passed the first 15 months/60k of warranty, and you don't have a Skoda with an unlimited mileage warranty, I would find a trusted independent.

IIRC you drive a Passat? A four year old, 180k Passat will not be worth much anyway, except possibly to a clocker who would bin the history. If there is a lot of history, evidence of bills, and so on, it'll probably go for about £3000. Without main dealer history, you could lose £300. However, with between 6 and 12 out of warranty services, you don't need to save much per service to be better off with an independent.

I would just insist that the mechanic has a good reputation, and uses original manufacturer's parts.


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