What IS average mileage? - weatherwitch
I'm looking at replacing my wonderful old Corolla, it's an 1988 E reg and has less than 118,000 genuine miles on the clock, so many car adverts say low/average mileage, and an N reg I found seemed to imply that 80k was low mileage?

I realise that I've been spoilt but is there a guide anywhere as to what is a realistic mileage? I'm looking for cars between N and up to R reg (1997)

Many thanks, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, it's my first time on this one :)
What IS average mileage? - KB.
"If" we call 12k per year average (and that's an 'if' - not a statement of fact).....then, if your car is about 14 years old and 14 x 12 = 168. So, on that basis, 118,00 is below average.

However, personally speaking I wouldn't advertise it as being 'low mileage'. I'd not put the mileage in an ad - just reply truthfully when asked.

I bought a 1989 "F" Reg. Maestro earlier this year with 14,000 genuine miles on the clock. The seller of that particular car had good cause to advertise it as 'low mileage'.

Most people wn't be too concerned at the mileage - just the condition and price.

(PS. Have just ordered a Corolla myself - see other recent threads if you don't mind being bored to tears) :-)
What IS average mileage? - KB.
And I regret not adding - Welcome to the Backroom Forum.
What IS average mileage? - DavidHM
12k per year is average.

However, many UK cars are bought first for the fleets, where the average is nearer 20k.

So, especially when you take account of the fact that up to 1/3 of cars are believed to have been clocked at some point, a reasonable guess would be

Average in years 1-3 - 18k
Average in years 3-6 - 12k
Average in years 6-9 - 9k
Average in years 9+ - 6k

So you get, for a fifteen year old car, an average of about 153k - if the car has actually lasted that long. Many of the cars that make it to fifteen years old have one, caring owner for the first six years of their life and only cover a low mileage.

I agree with KB when he says to buy on condition, not mileage. 80k in ten years is plenty to neglect a car beyond repair, while most modern cars, if well looked after, have a theoretical lifespan of 200k or more with little difficulty.
What IS average mileage? - LongDriver {P}
My average over the last 9 years has been 40k !
What IS average mileage? - Phil I
My neighbour commutes each day 170m so is clocking without any weekend journeys or running about in the evening minimum 850m each week

" Pre-owned " (sounds so much nicer than second hand) dealer I know buys in fleet cars which usually have 180/220K on the odometer when they arrive on the forecourt. I shall not say what they read the following day.

Happy Motoring Phil I .
What IS average mileage? - king arthur
The way I would see it:

Super-mini sized car: 10k per year
Medium sized car: 10 - 12k per year
Large car: 12k per year.

So a Mondeo on an N plate (95/96) showing 90,000 miles I would regard as having average mileage, but that would be high for, say, a 1.0 Polo.
What IS average mileage? - weatherwitch
Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the info. I used to do around 15k a year but this year I've not even done 1,500 miles in 10 months. Unbelievably despite the car being out in wind, rain, snow, ice it has started first time, every time (touch wood now I've said that!) even if it's not been used for weeks. Being disabled I don't get out much even though I live in the middle of nowhere. Internet shopping is such fun - no crowds at all!!!

Having had old Fiestas in the past, Volvo 340's and a 440 (that was a beauty) and the Corolla, it's the Corolla that's left me really impressed so I will certainly be having a look for the Corolla threads mentioned, thanks.

Phil I sincerely hope I don't visit any car dealers near you!
What IS average mileage? - KB.
W.Witch, It would take you a month of Sundays to look up all topics relating to Toyota's. I think you would find that, on the whole, when bods ask for opinions on makes of cars on this site the Japanese ones get the thumbs up for reliability and, (as a massive generalisation), most rate Renault, Citroen and Peugeot as having many good points, but ultimate reliability and build quality are slightly downrated. Citroen is usually reckoned to be good value (with Picasso Desire Hdi's selling for £10,000 new and on the road). Fiat gets similar treatment as well. VW seems currently out of favour with quite a few backroomers in terms of customer service and dealer response.

I stress these are what I perceive to be the general thoughts of the majority but there are posts from very happy users of every make and model (with the possible exception of the Freelander - of which the number of positive posts can be counted on the fingers of one hand - and that could possibly include the hand of an unfortunate individual who may have had a serious accident with a bacon slicer).
What IS average mileage? - KB.
I could have suggested, W.Witch, that you looked at the current thread entitled "Why do dealers do this?"

This is a fairly representative sample of what many people think about things in general and reflects some of my comments above regarding the different makes available.
What IS average mileage? - THe Growler
A Corolla with a mere six figures on it? It's the right year as well, before they started making them look like Mr Blobby.

A Manila taxi driver would give his eye teeth for one: it's got at least 20 years left in it.
What IS average mileage? - ratty
would you live anywhere near the east midlands - I have a 1997 corolla that I am thinking of up-sizing. It's a 5 door and one of the last japanese built.

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