cost per mile - flatfour
Just worked out how much my car Saab 93 has cost to run in last 40 000 miles
Fuel 10.1p/mile Petrol
tyres 0.7p/mile Fulda
Servicing 2p/mile Main Dealer

cost per mile - Morris Ox
Don't forget your insurance, road fund and depreciation (unless it's the company's)
cost per mile - flatfour
Insurance £440 per year or 1.1p/m
RFL .39p/m
cost per mile - Armitage Shanks{P}
Depreciation? My 9-3 has gone from £22,000+ to under £10,000 in 4 years, thats 30p a mile (Its late - is the maths right?) and if I had had the dosh in a bank I would have earned a little interest
cost per mile - Mattster
And almost no-one factors in the financing cost - obvious if you're paying interest on a loan, but usually forgotten if the car is purchased outright - a £15,000 car will cost you about £300 more in lost interest than a £5,000 car, i.e. another 3p per mile on an average 10,000 miles.
cost per mile - TrevP
Yup - add in depreciation and that sounds about right.
cost per mile - flatfour
You are right, its the depreciation that sends the cpm through the roof. You need to put lots of miles on to off set this, and run it to the ground then the service maintainance and repair goes up.
Whats the best buy for low cost motoring?
cost per mile - spikeyhead {p}
My Imprezza turbo, about 80p per mile. The old diesel cavalier, not much at all, 47mpg, almost nil depreciation as its just about worthless now, but still has a few years life in it. Definately the way to go for minimum cost. A reliable old diesel is te cheapest form of motoring to be had
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cost per mile - SteveH42
This is a good example of how people are kidding themselves when they compare cars to train journeys by simply comparing the fuel costs. Take Stockport to Durham. £37 on the train which as it's about 125 miles each way works out to about 15p a mile. Adding up all your factors takes it to about 14.3p a mile - the car still wins, *until* you add depreciation when the car is suddenly 3 times the cost of the train.

Of course, there are many journeys where the train isn't an appropriate alternative, but maybe it does make sense sometimes rather than adding to the congestion on the roads?
cost per mile - DavidHM
Fair enough, Steve, but...

1. If you've bought the car already, depreciation is more or less a given, whether or not you use it.

2. £12k in 4 years is probably about 3 times what a 3 year old would lose in the same time.

3. If there are three of you in the car (not always likely I know) you've covered all your fixed costs with the train fare. Even with one of you, and at 24 mpg (appallingly bad consumption) your marginal cost is the same on the car or the train.

If the cost argument is - don't buy a car and use trains, buses and taxis everywhere - it holds up quite well, especially if you mainly travel alone. On the other hand, once you've bought the car, it's usually cheaper to use it.
cost per mile - LongDriver {P}
Typical family car of Mondeo size - expect cost per mile to be about 50-60p per mile, 30-40 for a Fiesta size, 40-50 for Focus size, 60-70 for a Galaxy-type MPV, typically 80-90 for a BMW 3 or 5, about a quid for anything around 3 litres...I could go on nerdy-style...about 4 quid a mile for a Ferrari..lowest I've found data for is 26p for a 1.1 Saxo...

These include depreciation, fuels, servicing, running costs etc etc etc
cost per mile - flatfour
I've worked out my depreciation to be 15p/mile 15000 over 100000 miles so total costs are about 26p/mile
cost per mile - LongDriver {P}
including the following???:

Road Tax
Car washing
cost per mile - wemyss
Don't know what it is today but in 1996 when I retired the Civil Service standard rate for a 2.0ltr car was 39.8p/mile.
This is based on what it actually costs to use your own vehicle.
They also do a public tansport rate which is paid if you choose to use your own vehicle but public transport is available.
This is around half the standard rate.
cost per mile - Armitage Shanks{P}
Running costs might need to allow for the cost of membership of a breakdown/recovery service too.
cost per mile - daveyjp
My current mileage rate is 50p per mile . Two rates apply depending on capacity of car - below and above 1400 cc, therefore I bought a diesel with 1422 cc!! High mileage and top rate.


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