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I recently had a rear brake cylinder seal go & so i replaced both rear cylinders & shoes.
About a week later the ABS warning light came on so i thought i would replace the front disks too. This hasnt cured the problem, & now ive discovered i have no rear brake lights at all!
Ive checked the fuses, bulbs & pedal switch, & all are ok.
The ABS light only goes out if i start the engine with my foot on the brake, but as soon as i release it, it comes bak on!
Any ideas pls?
cavalier brakes - Dynamic Dave
About a week later the ABS warning light came on so i thought
i would replace the front disks too...

Slightly confused here. Why would you change the front disks when the ABS light came on? The ABS light is to warn that the ABS system has a fault, not that the disks and pads have worn down.

Anyway, that aside, have you looked at the ABS sensors at each wheel to see if they are clean and not covered in carp? There is a way to test each sensor using either an osciloscope, or as most diy mechanics don't posess one of those, an analogue multimeter instead. Not sure of the exact science, but I think you unplug the sensor and connect in the multimeter and set to the ohms setting. By rotating the wheel will give a signal and you *should* see the meter needle move if the sensor is working. Hopefully someone will be along later to confirm this.
cavalier brakes - Dynamic Dave
Further to my earlier message, here's a site that explains in detail how to test the ABS sensors. btw, it's a digital multimeter you'll need, not an analogue one.
cavalier brakes - Dynamic Dave
You may also find this info handy as well. Again from the Topbuzz website.
cavalier brakes - speedemon11
Can anyone help?
Ive got no brake lights & my ABS warning light is stopping on.
The brakes are working fine tho!
Anyone got any ideas?
cavalier brakes - Dynamic Dave
Did you not see the advice I gave to your previous question on the same subject?

the two threads now merged into one. DD.
cavalier brakes - Dynamic Dave
btw, once you've confirmed you've read this, I'll merge this question with your original one to avoid repetition.
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cavalier brakes - speedemon11
Yes i did but there was no mention as to why i have no brake lights which is why i asked again. Surely a faulty sensor should not disable them as this could be dangerous?
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Dont know what has gone before but I suspect that it is either bulbs (one blown will not put the light on but both will) or the brake pedal switch.

Simplicate and add lightness!
cavalier brakes - speedemon11
Ive checked both bulbs,fuses & pedal switch, all are ok.
This has only happened since the abs light has started to stay on.
cavalier brakes - Dynamic Dave

Have you tried disconnecting the wires from the brake light switch and connecting them together to bypass the switch and see if the brake lights work at all?

If the ABS light is on, then there is a reason for it. The system has a fault of some kind, and in which case refer to my earlier links I posted for reference. Now it could be something as simple as a loose/disconnected wire, or at worse a faulty sensor. The sensor bodies are made from aluminium, and pushed into the cast iron of the suspension assembly. Over a period of time the aluminium can corrode and swells up, thus crushing the sensor and rendering it useless.

The first thing I would do is get the ABS *fault* sorted, and see if it also cures the brake light problem as well. The two are obviously connected if the fault light came on at the same time as loosing your brake lights.

btw, I've merged this thread with your previous one.
cavalier brakes - Dynamic Dave
Further to my earlier thoughts on this, I\'ve just been studying the circuit diddlegrams for the Cavalier, and the brake light switch is connected to the ABS system in some way. I know you said there isn\'t a problem with the switch, but *if* it is faulty, it will activate the ABS light. also if both brake light bulbs are blown/mising, this will also trigger the fault light. That is confirmed here after searching previous threads:-

If you use the link I posted earlier and find the diagnostic port, hopefully you\'ll be able to trace the fault and remedy it.

Write back and let us know how you got on.
cavalier brakes - speedemon11
Thanks il try the switch again & let u know.
cavalier brakes - Dynamic Dave
How you getting on speedemon11? Any progress?

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